Review : the Smart Waffle Maker from Sage by Heston Bluementhal

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Waffle Maker

Kiddos at home love pancakes and waffles . And who else doesn’t? Warm Waffles topped up with whipped cream and maple Syrup. Slurp !! How about adding some sliced fruits to mellow the indulgence.

I am actually thinking aloud of all the healthy options on a waffle maker – Like a Lentil Waffle accompanied with chutneys or a Waffle Sandwich loaded with delicious roasted vegetables.

When we visited Belgium two years ago, we all fell in love with the slurpy Belgian waffles served outside the famous monument Mannequin Piss. They had so many options for indulgence toppings that we were left speechless and still drooling over it.

Waffle Maker

Since then Waffles have been on our minds and when the gorgeous team at Sage sent me a Smart WaffleMaker.. my joy knew no bound. Shiny, Robust and just the thing to make some versatile Waffles. Let your imaginations run wild. With the instruction booklet provided and few basic starter recipes, I made a classic Waffle Batter following the proportion to T !! Voila.. That evening was a treaty dinner . One of the Kiddos slathered Nutella and added sliced Banana whilst the other one enjoyed with Maple Syrup and Cream. Leaving behind all the rules, we topped the waffle with loads of cream, kiwi’s and strawberries. I actually skipped my dinner 😉

With the 2 left over Waffles, I wrapped them in an aluminium foil and saved them for the next day. When the craving stuck us in the morning, all I had to do was to pop them in a toaster and Enjoy!

Waffle Maker

To Sum up the key features of the Smart Waffle Maker

  • Decide on the type of waffle you would like to enjoy and the Smart Gizmo would decide the time. A couple of choices to make you Batter – Belgian,Classic, Chocolate, Buttermilk or Custom. Recipe Booklet provides recipes for making waffles from scratch. Classic One is just fab.
  • You could make you Waffle lighter or darker by turning the nozzle and the time would according to vary.
  • Using the Waffle Maker is really simple. Preheat the machine deciding on the type of batter you are going to whip. Once it’s heated, the smart machine will beep. Pour the batter with the provided Sage Measuring cup in both the non-stick slots and close the lid. Waffle IQ will automatically decide the time. You really do not have to wait gazing at it, instead, take a chill or just get going with the other chores. In a couple of minutes ( max less than 5 min), it will beep and you know your waffles are all ready.
  • Really Lovely Deep Grid Waffles are ready…
  • The wide wrap around moat catches and cooks overflow for easy cleanup. Isn’t that a fab feature??
  • ‘Bit More’ button allow’s you to toast them further .
  • Two years Guarantee
  • The smart waffle maker is available to buy at 169£ and is of bistro quality. Cleaning the waffle maker is damn simple, just wipe clean and put on your thinking hats for the next new creations.


Disclosure: Lovely folks at Sage sent me a Smart Waffle Maker for review. All opinions expressed here are of my own and I was not paid to write a positive review.

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