One Bowl Chocolate Cake

One bowl chocolate cake

One Bowl Chocolate Cake takes only 5 minutes to put together and less than 15 minutes to bake. A recipe that can be stirred up in a jiffy with just One Bowl and a Whisk.

One of those days’s when you really want to indulge slightly guilt free was yesterday. No Low Sugar diet has been in full force for the last couple of months in our diet that we have actually realised How much sugar dosed food were we indulging in every day. Reading the labels has kind of become mandatory affair and in a way a Good Habit, I must admit.

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

Very occasional treats are allowed isn’t it? I quickly stirred up all the essential ingredients in just 1 bowl making some healthy replacements than usual. Used Light Muscovado Sugar and spreadable butter instead of the regular choices. These brownies are more cake-like, slightly less sweet yet good enough to satisfy a craving. Would you mind if I confess that there was a slight miscalculation in the ingredients? Yet it turned out something delicious, mildly sweet and somewhere between a cake / brownie.

You wouldn’t believe if I am going to tell you that these brownies were ready even before I hand washed all my dishes. Turning the Oven to the desired temperature, I began to mix the ingredients which barely took me 5 minutes and then scooped them into the greased squares . Placed them into the oven and began my dishwashing.  Say 12 minutes or so, I decided to check them and they were done.  Earlier in the day I let the flapjacks bake longer following a recipe and they turned out hard due to overbaking… Little did I realise that individual portions will need lesser time than the whole tray bake.

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

Lessons learnt that I was careful enough to check them . Voila, the toothpick inserted came out neat.  Silently I have vowed to myself to bake more while I dishwash:)

I read up somewhere that while greasing the pan, always grease the bottom, not the sides. The batter will not rise due the buttered sides…  A tip that will remain with me for long.

The tray bake used for baking individual portion Cakes has been sent by Lakeland along with a Heritage Bundt Tin. Can I hear Ooo’s and Aah’s. Yes, it is a Nordic Bundt tin that has been in a Baker’s wish list for long.

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

A little moreabout the 12 Hole Individual Traybake Baking Tin

Can easily bake 12 individual portions of flapjacks, brownies, cakes or  even ginerbread. With two layers of Quantum 2 professional non-stick, you can bake safe in the knowledge that every crumb will be released when it’s time to turn out. I really loved how the brownies were released without sticking to the pan. Sure Grip Handles for easy lifting makes it even more adaptable.

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

Prep Time: 5 Min |Baking Time 15 Min| Makes 11 squares

One Bowl Chocolate Cake
1 Cup Plain Flour
3/4 Cup Light Muscovado Sugar
1/2 Tsp Baking Powder
125g Dark Chocolate
75g Spreadable Salted Butter
2 Large Eggs

Preheat the Oven to Gas Mark 4 ( 350 F). Grease the squares of the traybake.
Break the chocolates and add them to a Bowl along with Butter. Heat them for 30 seconds, stir and heat again for 30 seconds. Stir with a whisk ensuring they are melted and mixed well.
Add Sugar and whisk again. Add the eggs, baking powder and flour and mix until well combined.
Now carefully spoon the batter into the greased squares and bake for 12-15 minutes. Insert the toothpick to check if it comes out clean.
Remove from oven, allow them the Cake Squares to cool down. Serve the squares and enjoy.


If you are baking in a regular baking tin, line a parchment paper . Also, bake it for longer. Since i am making indivisual portions, baking time is a lot lesser.

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  • Gorgeous! Simply Gorgeous! That cake looks so cute and delicious.

  • Such beautiful clicks… and I love that pan! No hassle of cutting, just pick up and eat… hehe…

    • Yay Rafeeda, Exactly that was the point.. Perfect for parties.. and mini portions

  • Awesome mini cakes ..loved all the clicks and the pan is so cute 🙂

  • This is lovely, thank you! Looks like a great dupe too!! 🙂

  • I love a good, easy to make chocolate cake, and that tin is now on my list of Must Haves 🙂 It was lovely to see you on Saturday, I loved your talk and have taken away lots from it.

  • Ah! looks amazing! Now that I saw the label Nordic ware, I had picked their mini loaf pans which is set of 2 and in red! they are the cutest bakeware I have. But in my first bake on it, I burnt it so badly! 🙁 that has left mark on it! boooohoooo.. They are quiet expensive here… But I love all their pan models and the recipe behind the label! ;-P

  • I just love the pan and the little bites. One can eat a piece without feeling guilty.


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