Summer Berries Spritzer


summer berries spritzer

Grab a Bag of Frozen Mixed Berries and enjoy a Summer Berries Spritzer anytime of the year.

summer berries spritzer

This year, Not 2 but 3 herb pots are growing lovely on my kitchen window sill. They are such a bless every morning. Whilst the kettle is boiling every morning, I take those 2 minutes to water and spend time with them.  Mint leaves charmingly add that Midas touch to my drinks,curries and what not. Miss S brought some seeds potted in a  little plastic cup. I had no clue what to expect for the first few days.. With all the excitement, when the first leaf came up, there was an absolute joy. The peas shoots are growing and I really want to see what they reap !!!

summer berries spritzer


summer berries spritzer

These Herb pots are my motivation to make more drinks often in summer and garnish them well too:)  When Aldi asked me to come up with something exciting for Summer, it had to be a drink again. Often we tend to make a drink with fresh ingredients. But I was keen to make a drink with something that can be made any time any day.  A couple of Frozen tubs of Berries did the needful and some from the fridge.

There is absolutely no compromise on the quality with a great price at Aldi. If ever it was much closer, it will be the place I shop every week.

You will be spoilt with choices if you are looking for alternative Mocktail/ Beverages recipe at my space.

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summer berries spritzer

You can feel the summer any time of the year now with this Summer Berries Spritzer.


summer berries spritzer

Make a Berry Syrup
1.5 Cups of Frozen Mixed Berries ( Blackberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cranberry) + some from the fridge
1/2 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Water

5-6 pieces of mixed berries
4 mint leaves
Ice Cubes as desired
1 Portion of Berry Syrup
Sparkling Drink – Limeade/ Soda Water as needed

Berries ( Optional)
Mint leaves

In a medium sized saucepan add the mixed summer berries,sugar and water and heat over medium heat for 5- 7 minutes. Berries would be all squashed and blended well along with the sugar syrup. Turn off the heat, allow them to cool.Strain the Berry Mixture to collect into a smooth Berry Syrup.
To a cocktail glass, Add berries,mint leaves and lime slices and bash it up with a muddler. Pour approximately 50 ml of Berry syrup into the glasses, followed by enough ice cubes.Top it with the desired amount of limeade. Garnish with mint leaves.

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  • Summer berries Spritzer looks soo refreshing and the pictures are as always superb:)

  • So refreshing especially in this summer heat!

  • What a cooler! I love drinks like this. I would probably sub the sugar for honey but I really like how refreshing this is.

  • Gorgeous contrast in color! Very refreshing and perfect summer drink.

  • Nice cooler. Lovely shots. Loved the third one specially


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