Raw Mango Drink : Aam Panna

Aam Panna

London has some gorgeous weather this week and I am enjoying sipping every bit of this chilled glass of AAM PANNA | Raw Mango INDIAN Summer Cooler Beverage.

Aam Panna kindles some nostalgic memories of my trip to Bhopal. It was my maiden trip to Bhopal, a decade ago when my parents lived there for briefly less than a year.

Warmth, love and memories still linger very much. It was a closely knit community where my parent’s neighbours were so eager to meet a Uk return daughter. Every house I visited, they treated me royally to a comfort meal and local souvenir. It was such an overwhelming trip with so much to do in a small place. Coming from Bangalore where life is really very fast, it was quite contrary here.

Aam Panna

I also remember visiting a fair and also having one of the nicest Dhaba kinds of a meal accompanied with local folk dance/ music. Those were the days!! Even today, given my mum a chance, she would love to relocate to Bhopal 🙂

Yes, when I visited my dad’s colleague’s place in Bhopal who happen to be a native of Gujrat, treated me to a chilled glass of Aam ka Panna. I really couldn’t stop with one .. that I did ask for more. Over the years Amma learnt from Aunty and she would make it a regular affair.

Aam Panna

A decade later, when I spotted some Raw Mangoes at my local Indian Grocer, I handpicked a few. Totally excited, I had a list of things planned – Mangakari, Mangakuttan and what not. But I ended up making Aam Panna.

Aam Panna

Summer Berries Spritzer, Mango Orange Kiwi Juice, Strawberry Lassi, Gin & Tonic in Pimms Style, Cranberry Mojito, Blackcurrant Apple Mocktail, Fresh Peach Lemonade, Watermelon Juice  – so many choices if you would like for alternatives. Or just “PIN IT for Later”.


Aam Panna

2 Cups of Raw Mango Pulp Cooked
3 – 4 Cups of Sugar
2 Tsp Black Salt
2 Tsp Cumin Powder
1/2 Tsp of Pepper
Good Squeeze of Lemon

Wash the Mangoes and steam them in a pressure cooker for 3-4 Minutes. Once they cool down, peel the skin and extract the mango pulp. Measure the mango pulp out to 2 Cups. Mango Pulp was slightly sour. Add double the amount of sugar to the pulp along with the rest of the ingredients and mix it well. Store the Aam Panna Pulp Concentrate in an airtight bottle in the fridge.
Whenever ready to serve, pour 2 Tbsp’s of the Aam Panna Pulp, top it 3/4 cup of water and stir. Add Ice. Serve immediately.

Generally, the measurement of sugar is double the amount of Raw Mango Pulp. Taste and check the Mango Pulp before adding sugar. If it’s too sweet, first add the same amount and mix well. If needed accordingly adjust.

If you like, add a pinch of Cardamom powder to the Aam Panna Pulp concentrate.

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  • Brings back nostalgic memories of childhood, so delicious!

  • Refreshing aam panna…..!! beautiful pics….. 🙂

  • Refreshing post!

  • Stunning clicks Sandhya! Looks soo refreshing

  • Just came across your blog… it is simply awesome! would try out some of your recipes soon… I am also hosting “My signature dish” event in my blog… please send your recipe to the event…

  • Refreshing Drink and its traditional drink also.

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