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joseph joseph index chopping board

Stylish and Practical is how I would describe the Joseph Joseph Index™ Chopping Boards.

The index style coding on the 4 chopping boards clearly indicates the purpose of each board – right from Vegetables, cooked food, raw meat and fish. This also prevents cross contamination of food using simple-yet-effective tab system.

While working with a chef duo on one of the photoshoots, they mentioned about using only plastic chopping boards for clients . I was surprised as soon as they mentioned and I did not hesitate in asking why is that ? They said – For client cooking, it is essential to maintain food grade standards and use just Plastic and have separate boards for Vegetables and Meat. Wood that is normally assumed to be hygienic is not considered safe.  Isn’t it a topic to ponder!!!

joseph joseph index chopping boards

Being a Vegetarian, I never thought there is any scope for cross contamination as it’s just vegetables all the time. But I do have different boards for bread to keep them fresh and just clean. I hate the smell of strong fragrant vegetables like onion, garlic etc to move onto my bread and even fruits too.

So the Joseph Joseph Index™ Chopping Boards  just does the needful !!! This large board measures 24 × 34cm whilst there are mini and regular sized boards available too. These color coded chopping boards  have knife-friendly cutting surfaces and non-slip feet and sloped edges to catch any stray food and juices.

They are slightly pricey at 50£ but totally worth every extra pound!! There are ton’s of cheaper plastic boards available in the market but features and quality the board provides gives them an edge over them.

Whilst I enjoy using them in my kitchen, the Joseph Joseph Index™ Chopping Boards also make a great prop for my pictures.

joseph joseph index chopping board

I still enjoy my Nest 9 Plus Mixing Bowls from Joseph Joseph and enjoy baking all the more. What about you?

Disclosure: Lovely folks at Joseph Joseph sent me an Index™ Colour-coded chopping board set for review. All opinions expressed here are of my own and I was not paid to write a positive review.

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  • Thats such a neat cutting board set. Should the boards be dry before stacking or do they dry well inside?
    Wooden boards for daily use is not my choice either.
    Pretty pics Sandhya.

  • I have been using Joseph Joseph toughened glass worktop saver as my chopping board for a while now. I thought glass might be more hygenic and odour free than plastic /wood. And I’ve been using the same board for veg,fruit, meat etc. Would love to know your opinion on glass vs plastic. 🙂


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