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Trash in Style with my new Matt Steel Fingerprintproof Touch Bin from Brabantia !! Just touch the lid and it opens, quietly and smoothly. Is this a post about Bin??  Don’t roll your eyes 🙂 You will agree all the more, when you read through the post.

Ola Ola !! I am bet you must be amused what a Bin is doing amidst a Recipe Blog. But I find it equally important as my Handbag and my Shoes. Atleast 20- 30 times a day is when I trash something into it . Don’t you? Don’t you agree?

Amdist the house movement, when my Boring looking Pedal Black Bin was still being used in my Old Rental Property, a stash of carry bags that has been collected from various shopping ventures came to rescue and I had to hang them onto Kitchen door handles disinterestedly. THough it seemed practical of doing away with the bags, I really needed my Bin back .  Right then the folks at Brabantia sent me their extremely usable, handy and practical Touch Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof  40L Bin.  You will not beleive how gentle touch is needed to open it . Just touch the lid and it opens, quietly and smoothly. My daughter has been deliberately volunteering to trash more !! Can’t ask for more:))

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This 40 L Fingerprint Proof Touch Bin is stylish and blends with any decor. If you are up for next gen decor in your home, grab the new 40-litre Touch Bin.  With a easyly removable innerplastic bucket, It is really very easy to clean.   Instruction Pamplet that comes along elaborates on steps to cleaning the Touch Bin. Flat Facing Back makes it space saving whilst the pastic protective rim ensures the floor doesn’t get damaged.

It has been clearly mentioned that abrassive/aggressive cleaning agents must not be used to clean the bin. Rather they can be cleaned with a damp cloth and an all purpose house hold cleaner.

Your new best friend comes in Brilliant Steel, Matt Steel, Metallic Grey, Platinum, Matt Black and Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof. On purchasing the bins, a 10 years warranty comes along too. Isn’t that wonderful !! This piece of stylish joy is priced at 173£ , but trust me you would enjoy them over the years with the ease of use and comfort.

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I am loving their colorful collection of Waste and Laundry Bins too.. Now when this is the chance to spruce up a decor around the house, I will be browsing to pick the right accessories too in daisy yellow, mossy red and mint green 🙂

Have you every thought of splashing some extra pennies onto your Trash Bins ? Though its boring, Everyday Chores can get easy, Why not !!!

You can buy them from November 2016 from, (online) leading retailers, including high street department stores,  superstores, quality independent kitchen and homeware specialists.  Happy Day Cheering !

Disclosure: I was sent a Brabantia Touch Bin for Review. All the views expressed here are of my own and under no influence.


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