Instant Kesar Peda | Saffron Infused Milk Fudge

Instant Kesar Peda
Kesar Peda is a gloriously popular Indian Dessert that is infused with Saffron. When the festive bells ring in the air, making a platter filled with Mithai ( Sweets) is a tradition. This Instant Kesar Peda Recipe is ridiculously easy to make and takes just about 20 minutes.

ON this Note, I wish you and your family a Very Happy Diwali. Have a safe Celebration!!!

Diwali Preparations is on in full swing. Still the last minute, our home is filled with the aroma of Saffron and melted Ghee with batches of sweets/ mithai & savories been made. And a whole one week of school break  with two lovely kiddos who are constantly battling and arguing for the silliest reasons. And finally a handover of the rental property that needed cleaning to pristine – new conditions on the card, this Diwali preparation has been eventful.

Our only motive this festive season is to clear as many carton boxes as we could and make the house our HOME. Light the festive lamps, spread joy and happiness, carrying forward the tradition of this delightful festival. Customarily, we enlighten the importance and tradition of the festival to our children, so that they do not let it go in years to come. They are so much looking forward to the morning tommorow and have a festive weekend.


Instant Kesar Peda

Talking of the Mithai preparation for this celebration, I made some instant Kesar Peda for the second time this week and a course of Maaladu. Kesar Peda also known as Saffron infused MIlk Fudge is really instantenous and easy to prepare in less than 30 minutes. Do follow the steps carefully to give it a perfect texture and taste.

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May the light of diwali fill your home with light of joy and happiness.On this great day I wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali.

Instant Kesar Peda
Total Time
20 mins

This glorious Instant Kesar Peda { Indian Dessert } takes only 20 minutes to prepare. 

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Servings: 25 Numbers
Author: Sandhya Hariharan
  • 1 Cup Milk Powder + 2 Tsp
  • 1 Cup Condensed Milk
  • 1/2 Tsp of Cardamom
  • 2 Tsp of Ghee
  • A good fat pinch of KesarSaffron dissolved in 2 Tsp of Warm Milk
  1. Heat Ghee in a wide Pan. Add Condensed Milk and Milk Powder to it and constantly stir in medium flame. Remember to break the lumps, as you stir otherwise the peda might not have the desired smooth finish. In about 8-10 minutes the mixture will come together. At this stage, add the Saffron infused milk and cardamom powder. The mixture will loosen again, but with another few minutes on the flame, the mixture will come together with constant stirring.
  2. Check if they are sticky on the top by pinching a small ball. If they are, stir for another 2 minutes until the mixture is not sticky.
  3. Once they do not stick, remove the pan of the flame. Turn down the mixture to a greased plate and allow it to cool down a bit.
  4. Grease your palm with ghee, pinch a small portion from the mixture and roll it into Peda shape and give a little indendation in the middle with your thumb. Garnish with silvered almonds, pistachio and saffron. When I made it for the second time, I did not have a mould either, its just a diy press that I have used to get the shape in the middle.
Recipe Notes

If you like, you may also use a small pinch of food color .

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