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Olive Oil

Have you ever wandered around the Oil’s Aisle in your grocery store and wondered which one to buy really? Coconut Oil,Vegetable Oil,Seasame Oil, Mustard Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Sunflower oil, Sunflower – Olive Oil Blend, Plain OliveOil,Extra Virgin Oil, Light Olive Oil – the choice is enormous. Now the next question is what is purpose I am going to use the oil?

What Cuisine and what kind of dish is the next thing I ponder to myself !! If its SouthIndian Cooking, I do like to use Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil and many times Sunflower Oil to give me the authentic regional flavour in my cooking. And a Northindian Meal, I do love to use Sunflower Oil but never a coconut Oil. A feeling of being transported to Kerala’s NorthIndian Cuisine is what I get.

And Yes with an Italian Cuisine (much of an adapted cuisine at Home, but we love it!!) , I would always struggle in choosing the right Oil blindfolded- Plain Olive Oil,Extra Virgin Oil or Light Olive Oil.

Much to my rescue now, Jamie’s Italian Olive Oil Infographics literally summarises everything with so much of insight!

Now I know how to test the variance in Olive Oil – the expert way. Pour a small amount into a Wine Glass. Warm the Oil by cupping the glass on onehand and covering the top with the other. Slightly Swirl the Glass for a minute or Two . Take a delicate Sip and then breathe through to let the flavours expand through your palate. Do you get a Fruity, Bitter, Musky or an Aromatic Flavour?

Run the Palate test at home and give me shout with the flavors that come through. I would love to know !!!

Olive Oil

Do you Cook with Olive Oil?? Which one is your real favourite of all?

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