Christmas 2016 by Aldi

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Christmas 2016
Something about Christmas spreads joy around and tingles extra bit of happiness inside me.

I look forward to this time of the year when we can have quality holidays as family together. The colorful lights , carols , christmas songs,  presents shopping, catching up with friends and families sets the real ambience for this festival. Its a bit crazy but amazing fun !!!  Once the Tree goes up at home, lights are lit – Its time to be Merry and  Merrier!

I have partnered with Aldi to bring to you folks about their Specially Selected Christmas food range. Its time I post it , before it gets really late !! I do visit Aldi stores in Feltham often, but  shopping specially for the Christmas range was just fantastic. Probably for the first time, I did walk around with the catalogue , skimmed through the aisles finding the Vegetarian choices that would be Yummilicious fit for my friends and family.I find their food exceptionally tasy, with abundant luxury choices at absolutely unbeatable prices.

The store was all geared with festive ambience stocked up with luxury festive food right from cheese,chocolates,cakes, party canapes to desserts to an entire cooked turkey, ham or the needed for a roast dinner.
There were loads of seasonal edible presents and dozens of non food products, literally everything from a copper tone ice cream scooper , laddle to small kitchen & home appliances to cater to the festive fever.



I went astray for a little while looking at the cute little presents and decorations. Pulling myself back together, I started ticking my list from their Specialities Selection and Specially Selected Exquisite Selection,specially puttogether by Aldi for the Merry season –
Pandoro , 2.99£  on sale from 13 Nov
All Butter Mince Pies , on sale from 13 Nov
Almond Mince Pies, on sale from 13 Nov
Lebuckhen Assortment,
Specially Selected Exquisite Tomato & Provence Crackers, on sale from 3 Dec
Specially Selected Chutneys assortments ,
Specially Selected Cheddar Cheese,
Specially Selected Spicy Chilli Almonds
Specially Selected Jarred Olive Selection,on sale from 12 Dec
Specially Selected Exquisite All Butter Biscuits Tin – £2.99, 200g on sale from 13 Nov
Specially Selected Belgian Chocolate Cheese Cake Bites, on sale from 12 Dec
Specially Selected Mississippi Mud Pie, on sale from 3 Dec

For me, having all these speciality selections is just equal to hosting an early Christmas Party for my near and dear. Well I do have 2 sets of guests visiting me over the weekend and I am equally excited to treat them to some of these luxurious really tasty treats.

Yeah!! The party has begun at home.
Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

Okay!! To start things off, I got these really easy Butter Mince Pies & Almond Pies ready. With the intructions elaborated on the packet, I had to just follow it to T. Once it was cooled onto the wiring rack, I dusted with some icing sugar and served them . The crumbliest pastry was absolutely melting in mouth with the fruity bits – this is how I can describe my mice pie.
These Mince Pies have been created using age-old recipes, traditional handcrafting methods and the best, high quality ingredients. The crumbliest pastry on these Specially Selected Exquisite Mince Pies has been made by one of six brothers who all work together running their family business in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland.

Kids really loved it and were all excited munching on these while playing a game of Abhalon.

Christmas 2016

Oh Man!! These Belgian Chocolate CHeese Bites are killer in flavor. The quality of the chocolate is just brilliant and they just melt in my mouth. I have to actually rush back to pick these delightful bites for my weekend guests as they are all ardent chocolate lovers just like me.

Specially Selected Exquisite Biscuits Tin – £2.99, 200g. This seasonable product is available on sale from November 13 , 2016
Oat, sweet cranberry, milk chocolate and vanilla flavoured biscuits dusted with a light sprinkle of gold sparkle.All Butter Biscuits are my Son’s favourites and these are going as his stocking fillers for Christmas:)  The husband enjoys extra bit of heat, so these Spicy Chilli Almonds are just for him.  Hush , Hush !! I am hoping they don’t read the post until Christmas !!

Christmas 2016

Putting together this bundle was my favourite. Specially Selected Exquisite Tomato & Provencal Herb  Crackers, topped with Balsmic Chutney, Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese and Strawberries – Ooo yumm yumm. The Husband could not resist too..  Add a dribble of honey too 🙂  My kiddo was No No for Chutney ( Don’t blame him !! ) but a big yes for the Tomato Cracker topped with Strawberries, Grapes. Just Specially Selected Exquisite Wholemeal SPelt and Chive Crackers topped with Cheese was yet another deadly healthy combination.
These Specially Selected Exquisite Crackers are handcrafted with the finest ingredients and they perfectly complement with cheese.

My guests couldn’t stop and helped themselves to extra serving of these crackers / chutney pair  and  Olives. Infact one of friends commented instantenously – These richly plump Greek Kalamata and COnservolia Olives are really fresh and of the finest quality. Wow!! I wa so pleased to hear such a heart warming compliment from my friend. Then she immediately asked me, where is it from??  Smiling gently, I said ALDI.

Christmas 2016

We are huge fans of Olives at home. These premium Kalamata Olives packed in Kilner kind of jars are just the right pick for the family. We could stash them back into the refrigerator after gobbling as many as we like rather than storing them in another airtight container.  Great Edible presents for Anti Pasti Lovers:)

Specially Selected Missisipi Mud Pie is smothered in chocolate flavored cream, a decandent chocolate sauce and is handfinished with Belgian CHocolate Curls. As we started munching on our starters at dinner time, I left the dessert out of the freezer to defrost and it was all nicely ready to be plated after Dinner. What a delectable combination of chocolate and mild sweetness in One Mud Pie and perfect for 4 Adults and 4 Kids. One cannot really ask for more than this. They were quality desserts with exceptional taste for an unbeatable price.

Christmas 2016

If you haven’t yet sorted your Christmas Meal Planning for family and guests, how about visiting Aldi to get amazed of the Wonderful quality ?  Keep me posted on how your planning goes. I would love to hear from you.

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by ALDI.

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