Achari Masala

Achari Masala
Nothing can beat the flavors of homemade spice Powders. Yep!! I am talking about the Achari Masala Powder that I recently made.

Yohoo… One more recipe to my Indian Cuisine repertoire this month! We love Achari Curries – specially Achari Aloo, Achari Bhindi, Achari Paneer and Achari Gobi too.
It was last week, I posted a recipe for Achari Gobi, where these essential 5 spices were dry roasted and ground just enough for the curry. Since we use a lot of these Spice Powder mix in my curry, I often grind and prepare a larger batch!! Just like Homemade Sambar Powder, Rasam Powder, Andhra Chutney Powder , Edible Gun Powder, this Achari Masala Powder is loaded with flavors with dry roasted spices.

Achari Masala


Homemade Spice Mixes reflect the personality and that touch of individual person. A little proportion and a little over or under roasting could change the whole dimension the Spice flavors. Even today, I bring my Sambar and Rasam Powder from home and enjoy the flavors with Amma’s( Mom) Hands.

But I enjoy learning and making these Spice blends over the course of years. Today in this post, I am sharing an Achari Masala ( Pickling Spices ) powder that is commonly used in my cooking at home.

Achari Masala


6Tsp Cumin seeds
6Tsp Fennel seeds
2Tsp Fenugreek seeds
6Tsp Nigella seeds
6Tsp Mustard seeds
1/2 Tsp Turmeric Powder
2 Tsp Mango Powder ( Amchoor Powder)
18- 20 Nos of Dried Red Chillies

Dry Roast Cumin Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Nigella Seeds, Mustard Seeds and Methi Seeds for about 3 minutes until lightly fragrant.Add Turmeric Powder and set it aside.
Dry Roast Red chillies separately and set them aside.
Grind them all together into a medium coarse textured powder . Stir in Mango Powder and store them into an Air tight container for future use.

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