Review | Panasonic MK- F800 Food Processor

Panasonic Food Processor
Panasonic MK F800 Food Processor is a super star for tackling tedious time consuming food preparations. There is certainly no doubt about it.

Just like many, our weekdays are pretty busy and our routine does call for quick meals for a few days. As a full time mum, part time blogger and professional food photographer, I am normally on my toes all through the week. Some days requires chauffeuring the kids in and out at least 5 times. Phew!!

Those are the days, I would always to look for an easy healthy meal. Doing a Pizza Takeaway is the easiest thing to do , but it does not happen every week. These quirky maniac days, my kitchen gadgets make my life sweet and easy. A few days ago I was sent across MK 800 Food Processor from Panasonic to test and let me tell you, this is the gadget!!!

Food Processor

Its really smart looking in black and silver matching all my other black gadgets 🙂 Panasonic Food processor MK 800 has a 2.5 litre bowl and 5 pre-programmed functions on the touch glass menu. All the menu’s are pretty self explanatory with the pictures on them. It comes with an exciting range of 13 accessory attachments that include

Knife blade,
1 litre blender,
dry mill,
shredding blade,
slicing blade,
julienne blade,
kneading blade,
whipping blade,
grating blade,
citrus press,
salad drainer,
storage case unit

Being my favourite test gadget { something I always wanted }, I conducted an extensive 3 weeks test.

Shredding, Slicing, Making Juliennes, kneading, grating was a breeze. Our salads turned out so crispy, all thanks to the salad spinner! Variable Speed Dial gave me a greater user control, allowing me to decide the pace and duration. Attachment Box for storing the blades is extremely useful, ensuring they are tucked away carefully.

I am usually worried about misplacing and evenutally loosing the blades and exra accessories that comes with my gadgets, but these attachments fit into box easily. I love the fingerholes in the blade stand that enables smooth change between the blades, making it fool proof.

Food Processor

Panasonic Food Processor

With the instruction manual at hand or the downloaded one online from Panasonic’s website, using the attachments couldn’t be easier. I made some Indian Carrot Salad ( Kosambari) then Beetroot Hummus, finely dicing the onions for the party, Grated Cabbage Side Dish and many more.

My daughter loves my kitchen gadgets as much as me, that she would come around polishing them with micro finer fabric.

Dry mills as always handy for making homemade spice blends , grinding coffee and nuts.

Since Food processors don’t give you a smooth texture as a blender, the handy blender attachment plays it role. Make soups, smoothies, milkshakes – whatever you fancy.

Panasonic Food Processor

I love my Panasonic Slow Juicer that its always put to use, no matter what the weather is. Hence using my Citrus attachment actually didn’t happen.

I would always struggle getting everything smooth while making hummus in a blender. With a power horse food processor like this, I really didn’t have to worry.

Panasonic MK F800 Food Processor is a super star for tackling tedious time consuming food preparations. I can speak volumes of how cooking for my better halves party happened in half the time with my new test gadget.

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To Summarise about Panasonic MK-F800 Food Processor
5 Pre Programmed Functions with a single touch Glass Auto Menu
Safe Secure and Its really Simple: BPA Free Eastman Tritan Copolyster bowl and bowl lid guarantees safety and security. Its Dishwasher Safe too.
Chop Vegetables,minces meat, drains salad and handles frozen food at the touch of a button.
13 Versatile Accessories and 33 Functions

Panasonic MK F800 Food Processor retails around  300£ and is available Online and on High Street.

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  • I ll keep this in mind sandy. Thanks for the review. I mean it means a lot to try and test Indian style . That said, it explains that the gadget should be a breeze for other styles as well. I ve been eyeing some models lately. But this is impressive. Thanks for taking time and sharing. How did the kneading go? Did you try Chapathi dough?

    • Thank you Sowmya for your comments. I haven’t tried kneading the dough as I use a Kitchen Aid Stand mixer.

  • I recently bought Panasonic MK-800. My comment is don’t add something that is useless just to increase the price. Have you actually tried the Julienne Blade? I have tried. It does not give you a french fries but harsh brown. So Panasonic should remove this item and reduce the price.


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