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Dish Drainer

Washing up with Joseph Joseph!! This Extend Dish Rack just uplifted my kitchen..

Ever since we moved to this New Home, I loved nearly every aspect of the kitchen, leaving my sink. Yes the Kitchen Sink! We hardly worked on any renovation in the culinary corner as kitchen looked perfect. But we did ignore the stains on the sink.
While renovating nearly the whole house, we could have done it too.. But we just wanted to move in and we decided to do it as the second phase. Period! It never happened. Either the handyman didn’t turn up or time never suited for the work.

Living with stains had become a bit habituated {read disinterestedly}. But as and when I got a chance, scrubbing with various cleaners would happen, hoping one day all the marks vanish.
6 Months down the line – It has!!

Joseph Joseph Dish Extender

Rubbing a few techniques from the handyman, I resealed all the moulded edges around the sink and tiles. Yes! It finally happened. And now we love it the most!

Whilst DIY happened, I was hoping to change my 5 years old conventional Dish Drainer and give it an upgrade. What a timing I must say! Folks at Joseph Joseph asked me if I would love to try their new range of Sink Tidy, Cutlery Drainer and Extendable Dish Drainer? Any doubts.. Absolutely not.

Soon after returning from our Easter Break, I inaugurated my elegant Extend Dish Drainer and Kitchen tidy utilities.. They have given my kitchen an uplift!

Dish Extender

We do use our dishwasher once a day, so my Dish Drainer would have minimum tableware, cutlery and a few pots/pans that requires soaking.

The dish rack extends to hold more items when needed, but can be closed back up when finished saving worktop space. Extend ™ comes with a handy integrated spout to help drain away excess water, but this can be rotated away and closed trapping water inside for draining later. This does gives me the flexibility of switching the dish rack on either side of the sink, or even almost anywhere!!

Washing up with Joseph Joseph

Extend dish drainer has sturdy non-slip feet and raised ribs, preventing any water clogging. Green Cutlery drainer is movable and can be fixed on any of the stainless prongs.

What I enjoyed the most is that all the parts can be removed and are easy to clean. There is no need to fiddle with sponges between the prongs and it requires comparatively less frequent cleaning.

Joseph Joseph Sink Tidy

I really enjoy my Surface Sink Tidy. Ever since I have put it to use, my sink doesn’t have scattered sponges and scorches. It is really smart  convenient accessory for storing sponges, washing brushes, and washing up bottles neatly next to your sink with demarcated compartments for each.

Joseph Joseph Cutlery Drainer

We do tend to have a lot of weekend catch up with friends and this  stainless steel Surface Cutlery Drainer is going to be a star. The main compartment of the cutlery drainer has three separate parts for Tablespoons, Forks and Knives whilst the small shallow compartment is just exclusive for storing teaspoons.

Joseph Joseph Extend Dish Drainer retails at 50£, Surface Cutlery Drainer retails at 20£ and Surface Sink Tidy is priced at 20£ . You can buy them  Joseph Joseph, (online) leading retailers, including high street department stores,  superstores, quality independent kitchen and homeware specialists.  Happy Day Cheering !

For folks who have been following my space, knows how much I loved my Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Boards and Nested Bowls.

Disclosure: I was sent goodies from Joseph Joseph for Review. All the views expressed here are of my own and under no influence.

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  • I just love coming back to your blog to see the gorgeous clicks Sandhya! You have this connection with white which is mesmerizing…

    • Yes you said it right Priya.. Whites and me have an unconditional bond… 🙂

  • Nice review and such gorgeous shots Sandhya. Bright and beautiful. You’ve controlled the exposure so well. Lovely job as always!


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