Review | Rotary Lift-O-Matic Advance from Brabantia

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Raise your hands if you like smell of sweet sun dried clothing like I do!!

Heyy Sunshine!! You have been missed. When you shine right up there and clouds roll away, it’s all together a fresh day. I have the energy to work all day long even if the days would be 40 hours long..

Every year, when the spring breaks, the first thing I look forward to are the non rainy and bright days in UK. You know why ??  Just to do my laundry…  That freshness , satisfaction and pleasure of sun dried fabrics is beyond description.  You will see a cheerful me when they are all done!

Hanging Basket


Growing up in India where sunshine is in plenty, hand washing and drying the clothes on the rail had been a part of my routine. There was no concept of tumble dryer then. Just like the dishes had to be done everyday, clothes had to be dried on long plastic clothes rail tied between the two ends of the balcony.

And Ironwala ( Pressman ) would be summoned from the balcony and  he would be by the door in minutes to collect the whole bundle. In a couple of hours, he would hand the neat stack that could go back to your wardrobe.  Those were the days!!

Brabantia Rotary Lift-O-Matic has been an absolute boon to this Laundry girl. When the lovely team asked me if I was keen to review an Airer, there was not an inch of hesitation!! They sent me along the gorgeous portable laundry bag in Mint.

rotary-airer-1-of-1-4-min laundry-bag-1-of-1-min


After we moved to our new house, we are still sorting out things to suit our convenience.  My better half installed the airer right next to my garage where I do all my washing.  Is the installation easy?  Yes and no.

Rotary Lift-O-Matic, Advance 60m comes with a concrete tube size 3 diameter, a cover and a peg bag. Since we were not sure about installing with concrete tube  provided with cement, we used Ground Metal Spike, Size 3, 50mm Diameter.  Remove the yellow cap provided and place the wooden plank on the soil spear.The soil spear requires gentle tapping using a hammer  to ensure that it goes into the soil without being damaged.  But it takes a good good lot of muscle power to do it. I really couldn’t have done it single handed.

Once inserted, the shaft of the Rotary Lift-O-Matic  may be inserted into it. The Metal spike is designed to the correct tolerances that my Lift-O-Matic Airer revolves precisely without any wobble. Spear is made from galvanised steel and hence its completely corrosion resistant.

rotary-airer-2-of-2-min closed-rotary-airer-1-of-1-min

And then its fun time!! Time to get washing ..

Brabantia Rotary Lift-O-Matic is weather proof, strong , sturdy apart from the easy set up.


  • Rotary Lift-O-Matic, Advance  60m is known for it Ultra light Easy lift control.
    Comes with a  plastic concrete anchor with yellow closable cap, weather resistant cover and a peg bag.
  • I like the ability to vary the heights (± 149 – 197 cm) according to the length of the washing. Lower height works well for duvets and pillows and bedding, whilst higher works well for an entire load of washing.
  • Arms are aided with special loops for hanging delicate laundry. {must in my case}
  • Washing lines are extremely robust and easily adjustable using the nifty ‘umbrella’ system
  • There is absolutely no necessity to walk with the washing basket along the drying rail, just Rotate the airer. How convenient is that!
  • The weather resistant cover is easy to put on and remove and zips an entire length.
  • This durable and solid Peg Bag  has a closing cord to keep your clothes pegs safe and clean. Attach it to the Rotary Drier, to keep it handy.
  • 5 Years guaranteeLift o Matic Rotary

My new rectangular Portable Laundry Bag in mint color has 55 l capacity. Just fold the magnetic handles and the bag works like a quick drop opening for soiled clothes. Its a breezer when its the laundry day. The large handles makes it easier to carry. The only hard thing is to decide on the color and shape. Do you like it oval or rectangular ?

Brabantia has tagged along with We Forest to plant 1 New tree for every rotary dryer you buy.  I really really loved that!

Now that you know my Brabantia love, do check out how I love to trash in style with my Fingerprint proof  Touch bin & Newlcon Pedal Bin .

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  • Lovely post sandhya! Pics are amazing! Yes can’t agree more with you on sun-dried clothes

  • Hi Sandhya,

    Thanks for your lovely review and some really nice photos too.

    Matt @BrabantiaLife


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