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Have you got a favourite morning tea at all?

Remember my Dusseldorf short trip last month!!! It was a super thrilling experience travelling with the two little all by myself all the way from Home to the Hilton Hotel in Dusseldorf. Well its is Big Deal for me coz making sure the house is locked away safe before travel, booking a cab, flight and then a cab in an foreign land was a great experience.. Had been just me, It wud have been a piece of cake.. and adenture.

To ensure my lils are HAPPY and feel safe & comfortable was my concern too.. until we catch up Dad at Dusseldorf. My Betterhalf travelled for work the previous day and we just had to chase him down there too… Hehhee .. Well we took this as an opportunity to visit a new destination !! And it was perfect.

After we reached the hotel in the afternoon, I managed to sort out kids with their snacks and mid afternoon meal somehow.. But my cup of tea – I could not find Earl Grey or Even English Breakfast.. Reluctantly I made myself a sachet of Strawberry Herbal Tea..

The sweet fragrance of strawberries combined with the mild tea flavor was just perfect! And I was glad I didn’t shy away but try them…


After returning from Dusseldorf, I was somehow hoping to try a few more Fruit Infusion tea’s.
Browsing through Ocado Website, I came across Ciao Gusto‘s Bonomelli Orange and Papaya Tea and they went up my order straight away .. apart from Santa Rosa Strawberry Jam and many more specials.

Bonomelli Orange and Papaya tea were just what I needed. The herbal fruit infused tea came in a pack of 10 with each of the tea filters individually packed. Bonomelli have founded over 100 years ago in Milan and are famous throughout Italy for their Chamomile infusions. They now also offer such delights as Lemon and Seabuckthorn tea, and Raspberry & Redcurrant.

How do we go about making it? Use just 1 filter per cup, add enough boiling water and let it infuse for minimum 3 minutes. You will see the gorgeous color dispersing into the tea mug slowly. It’s beautiful and works as a perfect breakfast morning tea.


I served them one summer morning over breakfast along with the Santa Rosa Strawberry Jam. We just loved the jam and now its a regular condiment in my trolley. For nearly 50 years, Santa Rosa have been perfectly preserving the natural taste of the harvest with their fruit-packed jams. No wonder we found our favourite strawberry preserve from Santa Rosa. 🙂 Thanks so much Ocado for bringing over some wonderful products to us.


The Ciao Gusto Italian Shop on Ocado is the one-stop shop for authentic Italian products ‘under one roof’ at Ocado. Ordering from has been an absolute pleasure. It is really easy to pick and add products to the shopping basket and you do get to know how much one has saved whilst shopping online.

What I really like is the delivery module whick allows you to choose right from 5.30am in the morning. Isn’t it wonderful !!Should you need milk for breakfast, just order them along at And yes they do come packed in plastic bags which are charged at 5p, should you wished to keep. The choice is yours – I managed to send them all back 🙂

Disclosure: I was sent across a voucher for trying out Tea & Jam from Ciao Gusto Range on All opinions expressed here are of my own and not under any influence.

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