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Pizza Making Party
An email from in my inbox had my eyes raised and it was an invite for reviewing Pizza Express Pizza Making Party.
Oh what fun!!

I had visited this Pizza Express in Westfield White city about 3 years ago .. and it was nostalgic visiting the same location again. PizzaExpress in London’s White City has now reopened with a stylish new look, with an open plan dinning overlooking the bustling shopping centre on the second floor. The open plan kitchen is built in a way you can actually see the friendly Italian style dressed chefs cooking up the dishes.. The new decor has refreshing mixture of classic design with a modern twist.


Pizza Making Party

The revamped restaurant, which draws heavy inspiration from White City Stadium’s illustrious history with the Olympic Games, has an exciting new colour scheme, smart new banquette and booth seating, and new contemporary flooring and pendant lighting.
Bespoke, abstract, colourful artworks celebrate the 1908 Olympics held at White City; alongside bold, bright graphical interpretations that balance with old Olympic posters of over a century ago.
The entrance has also had a magnificent makeover, leading to a welcoming new bar and desserts area.

I really had no clue what to expect at the Adult Pizza Making Party, trust me it was totally worth it.

Pizza Making Party

The ecstatic members Gosha and Daniel were in charge of the session. On arrival, We were greeted with a Glass of Prosecco & nibbles – Sundried Tomatoes and Olives, whilst we were eagerly waiting for the rest of the bloggers to join in.

Such events are always beatific where you meet a few like minded souls, chitchatting and knowing so much about their experience… It was no so long, before Gosha asked us to join the table for making the Pizza’s.. Let the party begin!!


Pizza Making Party
Each of us were given a dough dusted in flour for making the pizza’s. Gosha and Daniel carefully demonstrated each step how stretch the dough with hand { not rolling pin !! } and we followed them as instructed.. They were really friendly and came forward to assist where ever needed.
Right after hand stretching the pizza base, we did paint a gentle layer of Carlo onto the pan, a special ingredient to save pizza’s from sticking to the bottom.

Pizza Making Party

Pizza Making Party

Pizza Making Party
Topped the pizza with a layer of Pizza Express Tomato Sauce { they just have 2 Basil Leaves for the whole lot } , followed by toppings of our choice..

Gosha sneaked them into their ovens for about 7-8 minutes and whilst we were actually getting prepared to be seated, the pizza’s were on our tables. Amazingly quick!!

Pizza Making Party

The freshly baked pizza was a star and I loved mine loaded with Spinach, mixed peppers, onions, jalapenos and lots of cheese 🙂 . Oo… And the dough balls topped with Garlic Butter was the perfect accompaniment.

Loved every bit of the experience of Pizza Making and I would actually love to do it all over again!!


Pizza Making Party

It is really easy, if you would like to book this experience. Head onto Pizza Express Pizza Making Party to learn all about it.

Pizza Express, Westfield White City was really easy to find and getting here is actually not all that hard. Before I actually alighted from home, I was debating on how to get to Westfield – Train, Underground or Car. A few minutes on google maps, hands down decision was to drive to Westfield. We live about 12 miles away from the destination but the gamble was to drive through the city amidst traffic.
Being fairy lucky, I reached the location in 40 minutes.. What was more amazing was the Smart Parking facility on the Westfield Website. Once you register your car and add your payment details, you actually save 2£ off for the whole day, making it 6£ for the parking. How exciting isn’t it. And its ticketless!!

Disclosure: Thank You Pizza Express for inviting me. All opinions expressed here are of my own.

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