What’s on my Desk?

what's on my desk?

I have to actually tell you all about our new work room converted from a garage, before telling you what’s on my desk?

what's on my desk?

Everyone in UK knows that the month of September is all about going back to School. Which also means, we get back to full fledged routine. Yes, Its going to be a bit odd as my missy will begin full fledged schooling leaving me home alone during the day. I am going to miss the wonderful company. she has kept for the last few years. Her Non stop Chirpy talks and chitter chatter. But at the same time, I am super excited about all the extra hours I am going to have – working and up keeping my Blog. Yay, isn’t it!

Anticipating all the full time working. we decided to convert a portion of our garage into a work/ music room over the vacation. Since this newly build room is going to be as a separate entity – totally disconnected from home, we were/ are in dilemma if it can be my studio as well. But my work demands carrying dishes across a few times from the kitchen to the work room and this looks highly not feasible for now. Unless we decide to have a connector…

That means more Building work, which we will have to park it for now.
what's on my desk?

Wait did I tell you our friendly handy man completed the conversion in 2 weeks? Well it was really exciting how a garage conversion took place step by step. How he ended up building plasterboard walls, falls ceiling, insulation between the outer wall and the plasterboard.. and many more.. Monitoring his team work through the stages was intriguing until it actually happened.

Going by the pictures, can you actually make out that it was once a garage? Not really isn’t it.

Choosing the floor was entirely on us.. And we wanted a budget flooring. But we were actually super dooper lucky. One afternoon when we we visited Carpet Right for flooring, we were shocked at the steeping high prices of the laminate/wooden flooring. We then approached a staff at the store and asked them if they can recommend a budget flooring that is going to be durable. He took us to the clearance section and found us flooring for the exact size we were looking for at just 50£ which is 1/4 th of the original value.

Sometimes when you think strong and positive, good things always happens. SO did that day!! And our new garage converted work/music room happened. Just like that, I also wanted to pick ourselves one amazing functional office desk once our room was built. Trust me, It happened too..
This classic & functional UCLIC Engage desk is from Kit out my office. Assembling the UCLIC was super easy, but it requires 2 people to do it comfortably.

Well what’s on my desk if you are wondering? I have always loved my desk clutter free with really minimal stuff on the table and surroundings. And that is exactly how we like it at home. At times, Minimalism speaks volumes.


On my desk is decorative idol of Lord Ganesha. He is a Hindu Deity, who is also considered as the remover of Obstacles. I always begin my day with his blessings.
I love the Green and Yellow element on my desk as they are refreshing colors. On the table, we have a faux plant from IKEA in a metal pot holder and a Yellow candle stand from Next.
what's on my desk?

I have a Monty VQ DAB Radio that is multifunctional. It keeps me in good company most of the times. Wait, I have a lot to brag about my classic piece.. stay tuned for another post soon.
what's on my desk?

Also I have got 2 sketch books, one for travel { with a refreshing Avocado motif} and for home. Yes, the black bound sketch book from Ryman Stationaries – allows me sketch images before the shoot.

We always wanted a contemporary yet stylish desk lamp in our new room. And this chrome desk lamp from TK Maxx just adds the touch of contemporary charm into your home.

what's on my desk?
The wicker weaved basket placed under the table holds my collection of cookbooks and magazines.

Our decor is quite minimal for now. We have one Children’s guitar by the desk, which my little one plays to lighten up the mood.

And we have lots of family pictures on the wall of this work room . We still need to pick bean bags, a couch and a standing lamp to add more elements to this newly constructed space.

What's on my Desk?

If you have got any ideas to share, please feel free. I would love to have more ideas for the room.

Disclosure: We were sent a UCLIC Office Desk from Kit out my Office. All opinions expressed here are of my own and under no influence.

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  • Your work room looks gorgeous Sandhya.. good luck and good wishes:)xx

    • Thank you so much Sandhya.. I am glad you loved it. Yes our handy man is quite quick and the whole work was done in 2 weeks time.

  • What a fabulous new space Sandhya! It is great that your handyman completed it in 2 weeks!

    • Thank you so much Sandhya.. I am glad you loved it. Yes our handy man is quite quick and the whole work was done in 2 weeks time.

  • I love the new space, how vibrant and have a positive vibe to it…


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