Review: Launch of Sakonis

launch of sakonis
I absolutely adore Indian Food , specially Street Food. Earlier this week,  I saw an invite for the launch of Sakonis with a gorgeous image of Pani Puri’s in my inbox.

And you can imagine.. I have been drooling since then,thinking about the mouthwatering street food and Indo Chinese food. Yesterday was the launch of Sakonis restaurant at Harrow and I am absolutely excited to have a restaurant that caters to some amazing Pure Vegetarian Indian inspired food in the vicinity.

Sakonis is a family run exclusive vegetarian restaurant who specialise in vegetarian dishes across India. This spacious restaurant has been newly spruced up with simple eye catchy interiors.

launch of sakonis

We were greeted to some Indian Masala Chai and offered some Parle- G biscuits to accompany. Nostalgic!! That’s the way locals across many parts of India enjoy their Tea. Followed by the finest Chilli Paneer with the right balance of sour,sweet and spices. It clearly won our heart at the very beginning.

Next on our table was a plate of Dal Bhajia – Lentil Fritters. Mildly spiced and they are a perfect accompaniment for at Tea time. If you are ever strolling on the UxBridge Road at tea time, don’t forget to hop in to check out these Lentil Fritters.

Launch of Sakonis

sakonis-6-of-14-min Launch of Sakonis

When our hunger was just at the right note, then came the mini platter of masala dosa & in house guacamole with banana crisps and tapioca chips.. followed by 2 traditional sweets – Shrikhand and Peda. A few of my international co bloggers were so curious about the rolled thin lentil pancakes filled with potato masala. These dosa’s are so so healthy and are comfort food for south indians.

Launch of Sakonis

Have I told you, how much I love coconut water. Every trip back home in India will find me drinking at least one portion coconut water from the local vendor. When the hosts actually served us Coconut water, I was just transported back home. Thank you for kindling some fond memories.

sakonis-4-of-14-min Launch of Sakonis

When we thought, it was almost the time to wind up a grand event, the lovely ladies demonstrated how to make Bhel Puri – A Street food with Puffed Rice, Chickpeas, 3 chutneys , Nylon Sev, Onions and many more – almost 11 ingredients. You can add a more of chutney until you establish the perfect flavour to suit your palette. How wonderful!

And to end on a perfect note, a fabulous Meeta Pan ( Sweetened Beetelleaves ) to digest all the goodness from the day was served.

If at all you are hanging around Harrow, do check out the Sakonis restaurant , opening over the weekend -26th August.

Disclosure: We were guests of Sakonis and all opinion expressed here are of my own.

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