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Pour over Coffee Maker

Its really FAST, EASY and impresses everyone – this is exactly how I would describe my Pour Over Coffee Maker from Coffee Gator.

When lovely friends at Coffee Gator sent me their Pour over Coffee Maker for review, I wanted to road test them… Since the functionality of the Pour over Coffee Maker works just like the South Indian Filter Coffee, I was super curious. The designs are different, but similar manual functionality..

Yes, Using a SouthIndian filter, we make a strong concotion of the Coffee but with the pour over Coffee Maker it is much different.
SouthIndian filter

How did I make my Coffee using Pour over Coffee Maker ?  Add the freshly ground coffee granules to the conical filter. Use a slow, steady stream of water at the right temperature to make the best use of the natural aromas, oils and flavours of your brew. Simple as it sounds isn’t it.

Well, there are many lovable features associated with the coffee maker
?I really don’t have to buy any coffee filters, or worry about running out of them – Thanks to the laser cut steel filter.
?Steel Filter is Easy to clean. Tip the dried Coffee into the bin and clean it under running tab water.
?It makes 3 Good Cups of Coffee, and the taste – Its so absolutely awesome compared to to the cafeteria coffee
?Cheaper than buying a capsule for coffee.

Pour over Coffee Maker

Heyy, Hold on! I have to introduce to you Coffee Canisters from Coffee Gator too. So whats so special about these coffee canisters?

These Coffee Canisters have a oneway valve which allows Co2 to leave but stops light from entering and attacking flavor. Coffee Beans naturally emit CO2 and to protect the natural fresh flavors, its worth it from saving them in designated containers.
One exciting feature is the handy wheel on the lid to track expiry date. You are never going to have stale beans with this tracking date.

Since we pay a premium for our quality beans, its totally worth it in storing them in the right containers.

Any downside? Yes, the price. Well it is priced at 30£ ( one time buy ) and you could enjoy the premium always ..

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