Apple Cinnamon Crisps

Apple Cinnamon Crisps
Let me warn you, these Apple Cinnamon Crisps are addictive!

Apple Cinnamon Crisps

Other than Apples, there is nothing really must with these crisps.

Unlike the Highly complicated procedures, where you normally peel it, slice it , dry it and then fry it.. These crisps have a no-nonsense procedure. Core them if you like, slice it and bake it. Doesn’t it sound easy!! Well it is ..

And above all, I won’t be stopping you from snacking.. you can have as much as you like. And why not when its healthy!

The only thing I could recommend is using a Mandoline Slicer to get uniform thinness. I have been product testing OXO’s Chef’s Mandoline Slicer 2.0 and they are better than the best. But if you are great with your knife skills then its super too.

Apple Cinnamon Crisps

My little missy loves her crisps as much as chocolates for other kids. She is a free bird and would just slide the draw to grab a pack of crisps without asking. One day when I asked her to stop snacking, she looks at me cheekily and says ” Who asked you to buy? ” If you buy it, I am going to eat.. And I was amazed at the audibility of a 4 years old kid.


Apple Cinnamon Crisps
As a child then and as grown up now, I never believed in junk snacking. You can keep the whole platter of snacks, fried trail mix etc on the table and I could walk away without even picking a piece. Well that’s me since a little girl. I had to be forced to snack occasionally and still throw so many tantrums for eating. My son has taken on me and thinks ” Why were the crisps ever invented?”

Whilst my missy thinks – they are bestest things to happen… To get her off this junk snacking, I made these uncomplicated Apple cinnamon crisps and it did work. She doesn’t let anyone grab a single crisp from her bowl and I don’t stop her from snacking too..
Win-Win situation for both of us!!

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Apple Cinnamon Crisps


Prep Time: 5 Min | Total Time Taken 3 hours

Apple Cinnamon Crisps

2 Granny Smith apples
Cinnamon Powder as needed

Tools Used
Mandoline Slicer
Apple Corer
Baking Sheets

Core the Apples with OXO’s Apple Corer.
Using a Mandoline Slicer, set them to 1/16inch setting and slice them thin.
Preheat the oven to 130 degree C.
Line 2 Baking Sheets with Parchment Paper and arrange the sliced apples.
Bake for approximately 40 minutes, turning the apples as you see the edge crumble.
Bake again for another 30-40 minutes.
Turn off the oven and allow the Apple Cinnamon crisps to cool for at least one hour ( max 2 hours) inside the oven.
Apple Cinnamon Crisps turn crispier in the oven. Store them in an air tight container and enjoy munching them guilt free.
Shelf Life: 4 Days

Notes: For sweeter crisps, do add a dribble of sugar to the before baking crisps. Alternatively use Pink Lady apples, they work well too.

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with OXO UK. All opinions expressed here are of my own and I was not expected to write a positive opinion.

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  • Hello Sandhya,

    Lovely sounding recipe and so seasonal. I am looking for apple related recipes that I can refer to in a newsletter and link to from social media. Would you mind if I copied it and put it on our website? It will, of course, be attributed to you and link to your blog.

    Kind regards,

  • Such beautiful crisps! I love your daughter’s answer. I can see my daughter saying something similar in a couple of years. She also loves apples and I am sure these would be a huge hit.

  • These look like an awesome snack!! I want to make them for my nephews… But also keep half for myself 🙂 Pinning, too!

  • What an easy recipe and what a great treat for fall. I will just have to get over my fear of using a mandoline slicer. They turned out so pretty. Bet they are delish too.

  • apple season is the best – we love this kind of snack too. your photos are stunning!

  • This recipe will give me the perfect excuse to pull my mandolin slicer out of the closet (and it’s by OXO, hello?!). It’s also perfect timing because I have a ton of apples that I’m trying to find inventive ways to use up. This will be a perfect, healthy after-school snack for the kids!

  • I think apple and cinnamon is such a lovely combination at this time of year and would love to try this recipe out on my children too. They love either sweet or savoury snacks and so I’m always looking for healthier ideas for them.

  • What a delicious recipe. I love the recipe. It’s yummy and tasty. My son loves this recipe. Apple and cinnamon is such a lovely combination. I always prefer a better slicer for slicing the veggie, fruits, that’s why I am using a mandoline slicer for slicing my veggie, fruits.


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