Review : One Off Cleaning Service from Fantastic Services

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One Off cleaning service

Have you tried Fantastic Services before? A stop solution to your cleaning worries!!

A few months back, whilst I was on Instagram, I came across social media posts where a few of the bloggers had Intensive cleaning done for the festival of Diwali. When I was reading that post sitting on my bed, I was secretly wishing – How I wish an angel comes, swings her wand  and  makes up my house like New One Day!!  I am certain that an angel actually heard my wish!!

Thank You to the Team at Fantastic Services who offered me a One Off Cleaning in the run for Christmas!! Frankly speaking, I had no clue what to expect!!


I wrote to the Customer Service team asking how do I know they are from Fantastic Services and etc etc… The cleaners also known as ” Pros” come in their Fantastic Cleaners Vehicle, wearing their uniform  and  carry their badge. They are background-checked, experienced, licensed and insured, Well, that did give us some relief to know my house is pretty much in safe & trained hands.

With One Hundred other things juggling in hand & min, cleaning meticulously everyday is nearly impossible at all for parents with One Toddler and a Tenner. We action on one area of the house, making sure its decluttered, dusted and spotless everyday…By the end of the week, I would always feel, wish I had 5 pair of hands to multi task!! Having said that, Living and Kitchen are the only places in the house where we ensure everything goes back to its place everyday and is ready to welcome guests at any point in the day!  Well the key to stay decluttered is also minimalism !

one-of-cleaning-from-fantastic-services-7-of-13-min cleaning

This One Off Cleaning Service is a meticulous room by room cleaning service where the pro’s will attend to every little detailing needed and bring it back to condition! This service pretty much works well if you are looking forward to spruce up the house for Christmas or expecting your family for long holidays or even in need for deep cleaning!

Pro’s Lubhomir and Sonya arrived bang on time, put on the blue cover for their shoes ever before I asked them. They introduced themselves with a broad smile even on a rainy gloomy day!! All that you need 🙂 They asked me for brief tour of the house, the chores that needs to be prioritised and sorted. In the next 5 minutes, the pros came back with their tool kits, hoover & mop and began their job instantaneously!

I asked them to look after the Baths, cloak room, windows, hallway and kitchen.

Our Bath’s are quite well maintained generally. There are hardly any soap scums on our shower cubicle or lime-scaled taps in the bath as I like to keep on top of it every week. The pro’s concentrated on the areas that needed attention like descaling the shower nozzles, cleaning the tiles, removing any paint mark on windows that was left over from my painters, polishing the handles and pretty much everything you can think off.. We loved it !!! The pros used their Eco Friendly cleaning detergents & solutions and had a good knowledge on what needs to used.

I was quite keen in getting the sheets changed and let me tell you.. Sonya was a star!! She made up the bed in our master and children’s room and it looked so professionally done. What amazed me was that she changed the duvet and sheets without dropping a single bit of the fabric on the floor. It is practically impossible for anyone to do it single handedly like how she did… With a lot of curiosity, I asked her – how did she manage to do it? With a broad, unrestrained, cheerful smile, she said ” Hospitality Service in my previous job” !! The completed task was screaming experience!
My better half walked in a few moments later and remarked that our bedrooms looks nothing better than a Hotel!!!



one-of-cleaning-from-fantastic-services-11-of-12-min one-of-cleaning-from-fantastic-services-3-of-13-min cleaning

The time was past One’ o Clock and I had to actually ask them if they wanted to go for a lunch break.. Both of them were back in just 15 minutes and sprang back in action deep cleaning the kitchen!! Well, for someone who will walk into my kitchen would say- “Oh, it looks usually very clean! So what did the pros from fantastic services do?”
They actually began cleaning the areas on top of the cabinets that I cannot reach, cleaning the top cabinets, scrubbing out any paint marks every where, removed every single gadget from my customised gadget stand and tidied them and all the basic essentials..
Phew!! this did take a lot of time than expected… But I am so pleased with the service.

Pros were hoping they had more time to sort out the cabinets under the hob, but they were falling short of time! Living and Dining were the last on my list for anything .. but still the pro’s managed to clean the windows, hoover and mop before they leave!!


On the Whole, if I have the option to rate the service, I would by all means give them a 10 Star!! Nearly Six Hours of Intensive Cleaning by Lubhomir and Sonya to a very high standard and the house looks like brand new! This Service would have approximately costed me 170£.

Would I like to use Fantastic Services again?
100% !! Definitely! Just as their brand name, the fantastic cleaner props did the job like an angel. No unwanted banters, no wasting time – Just keeping up with their assigned tasks. The price for this service is pretty much in par with other cleaning agencies !! If you are booking for the very first time, they do a basic discount to offer.

I am really keen in checking out their other range of services the company has to offer – Gardening in particular, handy man, pest control and building work too.

Everything looked absolutely spotless that kids were so keen in making their beds every morning since then!!

The Lovely Team at Fantastic Services are offering readers of Sandhya’s Kitchen 10 GBP off their first Fantastic service. Here’s the promo code – Sandhya10.

Terms and conditions: 10 GBP off first booking. Does not apply for regular domestic cleaning, Locksmith, Childcare and Christmas services. Cannot be combined with other deals and promotions. Min charges apply. Subject to availability and area coverage.
The code is valid from today (15/12/2017) till 15/06/2018.

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