Celebrating the launch of Arla’s Fibre Yogurt

arla fibre yogurt

We were encouraged to #Getfussed last week at the launch of Arla‘s New High Fibre Yogurt!

Arla Fibre Yogurt

Arla Fibre Yogurt

Arla Fibre Yogurt

Arla Fibre Yogurt

Did you know that on an average UK population only eats about 18g of fibre a day?
Did you know that Adults should eat atleast 30g of fibre according to UK’s Gov?

Yes! This fact was certainly an eye opener when James, Brand Manager at Arla Food’s mentioned. I must confess that until I actually attended the sumptious 3 course lunch meet organised by Arla, this was something that I never paid attention too.
Arla Fibre Yogurt

Its often a myth or rather a misconception that wholemeal food/ hi fibre food is bland, boring and is just not appetising. And I do agree too. Being a mum, I often find alternate means to include fibre rich alternatives into our diet.


Arla Fibre Yogurt



Arla Fibre Yogurt

The table were beautifully laid with each of our placards in blue or red and a list featuring a preset menu. I found my tag with #Getfussed Sandhya right next to Vikkie from TastefullyVikkie and Rishi from MummiesandCuties.  Lovely meeting you Rishi and what was more exciting was to connect with someone in the your mother tongue.


Arla Fibre Yogurt
Arla Fibre Yogurt
Being a vegetarian, there are usally very minimal choices but it was actually quite exciting and innovative.

My first course meal was Rissotto with Asparagus, aged feta and basil. Sumptious and really tasty.. I was nearly half full really early and was a bit surprised.. The lovely team at Arla kept saying you will know why, right at the end.

Second course of the meal was Heritage Roast Carrots, carrot & shallots fritter with Salsa Verde & Couscous. Although,I had just eaten my regular breakfast, I was almost full even before I completed the meal..



We still had the Desserts!! ( Eyes rolling )
My fruit tart had yogurt,grapes, kiwi and cherries whilst Vikkie’s fruit tart had figs,berries and hony’d yogurt!
They looked so pretty and we couldn’t resist but shoot.

As I mentioned above, there was a difference – the color coding and something else??

Well, the folks with red placards had high fibre meals as opposed to the folks with blue cards!! There were very subtle changes made whilst cooking these meals using whole meal swaps and high fibre fruits/ vegetables. And this did justify the fact, I was full at a really early stage of my three course meal.

Did I notice any other difference at all? Not really!! They tasted absolutely scrumptious. They looked inspiring, appetising and exciting! Just like Arla’s new Hi fibre flavored yogurts which tastes fantastic without any compromise in taste.

Arla Fibre Yogurt

I thoughly enjoyed the video demonstration of how Dr Ranj helped Actress Sally Lindsay make mindful choices to incorporate more fibre.

With few conscious swaps like

Wholegrain Bread for White,
Whole wheat Pasta for white,
Brown Rice for white rice,
Potato wedges with skin on instead of potatoes without skin
A small pot of Arla Fibre Yogurt for plain yogurt

Arla’s new high in fibre yogurt is by all means amazing with 16% of recommended 30g of fibre.

arla fibre yogurt

Arla Fibre is available in four tasty flavours with each 150g serving providing 4.7g of fibre and 450g providing 14g of fibre.

Arla Fibre Yogurt Event

Just incase you are curious about High Fibre Plain Natural Yogurt, let me tell you, Arla team is working on perfecting the flavors!!

Are you making the right healthy swaps?

Disclosure: I was invited to lunch by Arla Fibre and paid a fee for my time to attend.

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  • Sounds delicious – certainly will be trying it out

  • It was lovely to see you there last week. Thanks for your tips. Your photos are absolutely stunning. I couldn’t help but include your link in my post.

  • What lovely shots of the event. Choclette was right you are a very talented photographer. Wish my shots were as good. It was nice to meet you all be it briefly before that rather fabulous lunch.


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