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Chocolate Chip Muffin

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend ..It was good for me too with lot of activities revolving around the Kitchen. My H bought me a whole new set Pots n Pans to encourage and appreciate me in my Cooking n Blogging. It didnt stop here. He bought me another lovely handblender from Philips with a full bunch of accessories and I m just loving it.. It does all my whisking n blending in a Jiffy….
Thank you H :)for all of it.

Coriander Chutney

This week has been quite buzy with my regular routine that I am hardly finding time to blog. Just managed to catch up with all my pending blog visits today.

Green Chutney alias Coriander Chutney is one of my kitchen essentials. I prefer to prepare them and stack in my freezer. This could be used as Sandwitch Spread or as spicy chutney for Chats.
You can try the other chat essential Dates Chutney too.

Methi Namak Pare | Savory Pastry Diamonds

Fried Savory flour crispies also known as Namak Pare can be easily made at home. Make them ahead in time for Holi, Diwali or even T 20 cricket.

I have got Nostalgic memories linked with this Savory Bite.Lets go flash back about 12 years to Mumbai.We had a story about Kadu manga( Small mango in chilli gravy pickle) in our english  text books in Mumbai ( guess in my 8 th standard) . No one had ever heard or seen it ever in my school. I promised my friends to get it to school one day and let them taste wot it was. My friend Deepali just loved it , that she told me lets do a pact. You give me 1 bottle of Kadu Manga and I get you one Box of Methi Cuts ( Cant recollect the right name for it ).. Its also called Namak Pare..

Bean Burger

Diwali preparations in zing… We did want to grab something Hatke & jhatpat.
Thats when I remembered I have a few cooked kindney beans leftover from after using the majority of them for Dal Makhani….Had planned to make Rajma masala first – quicker version , then ditched this idea.. and came up with the idea of bean burger.
Looking at my experimenting in the kitchen ,My H has also become particular in opting for healthier version and oil-less version wherever possible. So I tried Shallow fry & Baked Version for making the Bean Pattice. Flavour n Taste no less than the burger from the Burger king.

Diwali Greetings

Dear Blog Friends & Readers ,

Wishing you & your family a very Happy Diwali . Hope everyone is having a rocking celebration with sweets n savouries…. Crackers…. Though sound crackers cant be used in apartments in UK , We did lit a few sparklers and also did give my lil one his first sparkler to hold..
THANK YOU FRIENDS for your wishes.. I truely cherish them!!

We had a lovely diwali feast @home today with a potluck lunch…

Menu was

Starter : Dry Gobi Manchurian , Salads & Popadums
Main : Paneer Makhani & Dal Makhani
Rice : Veg fried Rice
Breads : Nan ( Picked it from Tesco’s )
Raitha : Mixed Raitha

MM now coming to Sweets n Savouries for Diwali , I had prepared Maaladu ( Recipe already posted) & Gajar ka Halwa in the Sweet Variety . Methi Cuts for Savouries…

Where are the recipes now ??? Well well… need to wait.I m sure you wont be disappointed with the recipes you are waiting for . Will post it in my forthcoming posts.

Until then Syonara ….


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