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My first bread – Pav

Huh…. Wot a piece of satisfaction… when We can make our own bread.. For me , baking a bread was just like a dream… and never knew it could be made so easily……
Yup.. I baked  Pav(bread of  Pav bhaji & I learnt it from Vah Chef  .Isnt it lovely… Till date I have only picked up Wartburtons dinner rolls in London or used to go to a baker in India… and pick it..
Remember a friend making fun of me… during school days.. saying.. Sandy.. you making pav Bhaji…   just impossible.. You wud pick a packet of Pav from the market..  , buy a packet of ready made bhaji too and serve them together taking all the credit….  Just recollected this funny incident when I baked my pav at home.