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2 Minute Eggless Chocolate Brownie in a Mug

2 Minutes Chocolate Brownie in a Mug
Fancy satisfying your palate in no time,  try these 2 Minute Eggless Microwave Brownie in a Mug and you will end up craving over and over again.
Come New Year, we have decided to adapt to healthy living for the better life. Is there any necessity for over indulgence every day? It is necessary, we make wise positive choices in our meals along with minimal exercise to keep ourselves fit, rather than obese. For a while, the low carb diet has been in the air and we have been hearing about it from near and dear very often. When we heard it for the first time, it sounded totally irrelevant. Next to impossible!  But after our Amsterdam trip, we have been totally impressed by the results and its effect on the size and waistline.  I could not have imagined reducing a tsp of sugar from my Morning dose of warm drink .. And definitely not without a digestive!!! But Inspirational stories are eye openers.

Baking | Some more Brownies

Couple of things have been running in the background.I have been wanting to promulgate about two of my recent expeditions. My post on Anzac Biscuits has been published in 3 of our Local Magazines in the November edition- Sunbury Matters, Shepperton Matters and Village Matters. Its quite a swell feeling in mind and gives some usaid satisfaction as these magazines are circulated in around 12000 houses locally. Secondly, I have become a featured contributor to Sweet n Spicy App. This app is available for free in Android and Apple. Do download them in your mobile gadgets and browse over 100’s of recipes.

Baking | My favourite Brownies

 My favourite Brownies
A very Happy Diwali to all my readers, friends and family ! Well, this post was intended to be posted before Diwali and it didn’t make it to my space for various reasons. This recipe for my Favourite Brownies is insanely delicious and really easy to make.

Ghiraldelli Brownies

No Second Thought as I baked these brownies…after TWO Years. They came up soo unplanned, unintentionally yet blissful.. Why B Brownies ? Infact anything.Just like another novice baker, my hands begun shiver to bake things in the oven because I do not have the control of the cooking inside the gas oven. I knew my electric oven well in my old house.

 As I was putting away dishes and stacking little masala containers in the kitchen , my eyes scanned on the Brownie recipe of the ghiraldelli cocoa powder container. With Miss Pink tucked on me.. very causually I read thro the ingredients and kept ticking the list in mind. Voila!!!! I knew I had all of them .. Best bit was I knew exactly where every ingredient was while ticking the list..Only worry was Can I do it ? Shall I do it after I tuck the kids to bed at night? Then I asked myself .. Why Not? Why am I panicking with Miss Pink around? Whats the worry even if the batch doesnt turn up as planned … I have gorgeous two supporters who will back me up — My Boys !!

Baking | Hershey’s Brownies in the Snowdonian

What an amazing experience.. Snowdonian Mountains , lake and just us !! It all happened over the weekend.. and we did have bites of Hershey’s brownies.. waiting for the steam rail..
The steam rails are a century old… .It was an 8Km steep ride.. Trekking one way would take minimum of 5 hours…
With lil ones around we took the steam rail return too… I m sure the pics would do the talking…