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Eggless Shortbread Cookies

Eggless Shortbread cookies


havent written much in last 2 months.. But definitely thr is a want for flow… huhu…..lets get  started up Gal!!

Weekend was sooper fun enjoying the best of the bristish summer. Visited Durdledoor and stayed over nite at Bournemouth .. Enjoyed every bit of the sandy beach and water on Sunday morning…with a load full of hot English breakfast… Ate much more than I cud… Skipped Lunch.. and played in pool for hours with a drop in jacussi & sauna…. Finally a 2 hours train journey..back to London !!!
My parents , grandparents & in-laws loved it…. Had made them shortbread and chocolate chip cookies.. offcourse had to be eggless.. I could see them vanishing in minutes… and all my efforts were well appreciated !! Tat was a very special feeling to see them loving it!

Tried n Tasted – Pound Cake & Choco Biscuits

 Love the color , Love the simplicity of its taste , Love it for the way it is !  The Pound Cake.
2 weeks ago , we were invited to a friends place for a dinner to celebrate their newest arrival’s 3rd month Birthday… Until the kids turn 1 , we just cherish every moment and love to celebrate any milestone.
So decided to make this special ones birthday a little more spl with a Pound Cake and some  Condensed Milk Cookies.
They loved it … Infact half was over in a day at home & rest of it , the baby’s mother finished it the next day. 🙂 She anyways doesnt have to worry about calories and fat  ,coz she is still feeding .

Homemade Cinnamon Biscuits

Over the weekend , we went to Tesco’s for grocery shopping in half filled stomach. And we ended up picking up Cookie tins , Crisps ,Bars & so on. One among them was a tin of Danish Cookies.. Yummy Yummy. Reading through the ingredients of the cookies , I was struck with an idea.. Why not try making them at home?? My first attempt at Biscuits… & not bad at all. Its quite simple & takes under 40 minutes overall.