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Vanilla Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Buttercream Icing

Vanilla Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Buttercream Icing

The New year has just begun and we are already in April . Time really flies.. or let me say , things have been soo buzy and hectic over the last 3 months ,we didnt realise we are in the fag end of the first quarter. We returned from a fantastic India trip early this January. After which my daughter – miss butterfly had been going through a rough face settling down in her nursery. This is for the first time ever, she is staying without me anywhere. Its being quite hard on her as ever since she has embraced this world, it has just been me and me all the time. Even though her best est loving dad or her favorite big brother would be around ,she would look for her comfort in my arms and around me .But its a stage where every kid battles, some accept it quicker some take a little longer. My missy battled, refused ,cried the whole sessions and finally now one happy Bee ! Ufff !!It took her nearly 12 begin enjoying her happy days.

Guest Post from Lubna of Yummy Food | Blueberry Jam Microwave Muffins

The guest post session in my blog comes ad hoc but of the writers, chief thinkers and executers whose blog I love to read / admire, virtually drool and more. Today’s post is a special post from yet another long time virtual blog buddy Lubna from Yummy Food. Hop over to her space and drool over the wonderful dishes and treats, specially the microwave treats that Lubna makes in a jiffy. Her blog run’s a Ramadan Special Fast to Feasting event every year, introducing new guest writers with their yummily delightful treat. 

Baking | Coffee Chocolate Chip Cupcakes for the National Cupcake Week

Coffee Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

You’re my honey
bunch, sugar plum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin, you’re my sweetie pie, you’re my
cuppy-cake, gum drop, snoogums, boogums, you’re the apple of my eye! This was the song that came to my mind today, after I baked these aromatic cupcakes.. This song was my ringtone 8 years back and I used to get bouncy, springy to pick up my mobile everytime it rung.. SOmewhere deep in the corner of my heart , I always wished my phone rung more often that it did, so I could hear the song 🙂

Chocolate Chip Muffin | Yet another one..

Chocolate Chip Muffin photo IMG_1095.jpg

Children … they string our joys, like jewels bright, upon the thread of years —Edward A. Guest

My world revolves around my little family,socialise with my children and work on their joys , worries, woes, agony and needs in all shapes and sizes.

I take it in stride, one day at a time. Every day is another day well planned and spent. Lots of jam packed action in our regular routine with loads of requests and orders from my lil ones..
One such unfulfilled promise to Lil V is a Muffin. Just letting you know how it feels to a tot of 4 years old. He has been whinning about it every term holiday ,every vacation – why don’t you make them like before Amma??
After having Miss S in my tummy.. I have failed in relationship, fulfilling little promises to V , just that I did not have any energy or zeal to do it. I just couldnt do it..
V’s heart would break every time and he would run away. V would wear a long face,the tears will roll down his face and would drift away.