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Vegetable Spring Rolls

Vegetable Spring Rolls are a popular Indo Chinese Starter. How about making them this Chinese New Year?

Spring rolls .. are something I have always fancied .. Given a chance , the first thing I would order in my starters is this lovely apeitiser.
Why not make it at home…?? Difficult isnt it?? NO MORE!!! . Go to any Indian store and pick a Spring Roll Wrapper from the deep freezer and do ur filling and its all done.

Vegetable Puff

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Hi All ,
Hope everyone had a lovely New Year celebration and holidays …  Its soo good to be back with posts and hope to catch up with all the pending posts from my fellow bloggers atleast by Feb 1st week. With little one around , unpacking and catching up with  my routine is taking a bit of time.
This post has been lying in my inbox for the last one month before I left for my holidays . I thoroughly enjoyed eating puff @ Bangalore after all the nostlalgic memories… 🙂

Pizz-eat / Pizza Puff

I have been feeling hungry in the evening having the right hunger , only a snacky bite. Thats when Pizz-eat was born in my kitchen.It takes under 30 min for the total process  -10 minute oven preheating time & 15 min baking time 🙂

Spicy Cuppy Cake

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It was a rainy day yesterday & we wanted to eat something spicy & yummy .But not bhajji’s.. Inspired by the Just Roll Pastery Website , I decided to make this Indianised flovoured cuppy cake.Just ideal for the rainy day.