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Bitter Gourd Pickle |Pavakai Thokku

Bringing one more recipe straight from my Granny inventions… yup u read it right .. Bitter Gourd Pickle.. But how does it taste?? Bitter , Sour ?? Guys its Sweet,Hot,Tangy and just yummy…
Let me tell u a little instance what inspired me to make this lovely pickle…
Way back during my India trip , I was looking for a pickle to go for Curd Rice. My mum prompted me to get a little pickle bottle from the fridge and asked me to try it.. I tried a bit and said ..yumm mango pickle…. Later she said.. with a big smile 🙂 Tis Bitter gourd pickle..!!

Am sure u will enjooy it… ! It goes well with just plain rice , curd rice or dosa / idli… anything:)

Rasam Powder straight from my Grandma’s Kitchen

Rasam Powder

B ringing this Podi straight from my grandma’s kitchen. This was first among the recipes I jotted before moving to London . You will find a difference in my lingo in this post… 🙂 Coz its just as my darling granny told me in her broken tanglish and I did a literal translation. Till date I have never bought any of these kitchen essential powders.. Just love the home made aroma…

Dates – Tamarind Chutney for Chaat

Apart from the Green Chutney , this is one more  chaat essential that is always stocked in my freezer. Call it Red Chutney or Dates Chutney or Tamarind Chutney or Meeta Chutney or  Sonth Chutney.. Its the Same… Quite an essential ingredient for chat..

Tomato Salsa


A packet of tortilla chips has been lying in my grocery storage for the last 1 month.. and craving for attention. I have just been putting it off site thinking not today … One fine evening , I was thinking of a starter before Pasta .Then remembered about this recipe which is an ideal medley.. and something tat’s quite fresh n healthy.This mexican side is quite an ideal combi with tortilla chips.

Coriander Chutney

This week has been quite buzy with my regular routine that I am hardly finding time to blog. Just managed to catch up with all my pending blog visits today.

Green Chutney alias Coriander Chutney is one of my kitchen essentials. I prefer to prepare them and stack in my freezer. This could be used as Sandwitch Spread or as spicy chutney for Chats.
You can try the other chat essential Dates Chutney too.