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Chocolate Pannacotta with Vegetarian alternative for Gelatine

Chocolate Panna Cotta garnished with white chocolate curls served in glasses

My first introduction to Panna cotta has been online, a couple of years ago with a countless shares from so many people on Facebook, websites, blog and what not..  A couple of further reads online led me into an understanding that Panna cotta is a traditional Italian dessert that is made with sweetened cream ,thickened with gelatine and moulded.

Christmas Trifle

Ho Ho !! Jingles all the way .We are totally in sprirts of Christmas and festivity in air. Tinsels, baubles, tree top decorations, ribbons, lights, trinklets and we are all geared to enjoy the festivity.
The lights have been twinkling in our local village markets and high streets. The high streets were jam packed with people of all ages shopping as a family for the presents.Something we look forward to every year.

Sweet Rice Pudding – The Phirni

I m soo delighted that I have made this lovely pudding and this brings me back to blogging Smile There should be an icebreaker ,when you want to make a comeback and this dessert did the same thing.
My understanding of this dessert was that it would taste  similar to Pal Paysam ( another milk rice pudding made in the traditional south Indian style) . But after compiling this dessert , my notion was proved wrong… This rice pudding is served as Prasad( a token after the prayer) in North India .