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Chocolate Fudge

B ingo !!! from the very first attempt.. Quite technical in its method of preparation.. Definitely need to roll up your sleeves , gear up and use all ur muscle power … then you are bound to get it right..

Followed it algorithmically the first time.. Confidence I  would say a bit of over confidence crept in me the second time and had to do double work… The saying was quite apt.. Over Confidence leads to miseries & disasters… Realised my bit of over  extra confidence at an earlier stage… Let it loose then and thr.. Done n Dusted  and had to redo from half way …. Verdict —- Pictures are up here !!!

Chocolate Souffle with Orange Sauce

 Finally made it..   ..after a disaster….souffle attempt!! Hip Hip Hurray…

The word souffle was first introduced to me in a tele program by Gordon Ramsay.. and it was fresh from the Oven..It was Ages ago… But after serious googling.. I found hot and cold versions….
I havc tried the vegetarian cold version of souffle.. and it was a disaster.. I  served mango souffle  for dessert to my guests.Used China grass as a gelatine substitute… they did appreciate.. But my dear H softly promted.. U can do lot more better….
Well Not the one I made yesterday… This was just beautiful and divine ….It was very well received by my lovely critic..

Badam Kheer /Almond Kheer

Almond /Badam Kheer is first among sweet dishes ,I learnt after marriage. Its really very simple and it is really yummy whether served hot or chilled. Dedicating this dish to my dear husband who is always in love with Sweets:).Quite an ideal sweet for beginners to try.