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  1. Having read the name I was salivating, by the time I clicked your recipe on my reading pane to opening here I was so impatient for the recipe. Excellent chutney Sandhya.There is an event for the chutneys, will forward the link to you, send it in, I love this.

  2. Thats a nice green chutney.. thanks a lot for passing me the award.. I am having a hard time catching up with the household and moving, leave alone the time to cook something special and blog about i!.. I will publish it in my next post

  3. Hi Sandhya!
    Thanx for visiting my blog and helping me find out your wonderful blog! i must say your presentation skills are amazing :)Great show! i guess i will take some tips from you sometime if you dont mind..keep posting 🙂


  4. Hi Sandhya!

    Well, a vegan diet is bascally a vegetarian diet , minus diary products.

    Vegans don't consume milk or milk products because milk producing cows are treated like animals.

    It's very easy to thrive on avegan diet in western countries as the supremarkets are flooded with diary-free products.

    Visit for delicious Indian veganised recipes.


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