Papdi – Flat Crisps for Chat #homemade #streetfood

Diwali round the corner.. These come quite handy as a savory snack tat kids will definitely cherish and will ask for more. But these papdi’s are to be enjoyed as a base for Sev Puri or Papdi Chat .Or .. why not.. top it with some  buttered sweetcorn spiced with salt n pepper and a bit of Sev…Quicky one… !!

Can I call it Tamarind dates Dip or Imli ka Chutney ?

chutney (1 of 1)
T  here are many times we prepare quick and with minimum ingredients.. and they taste divine and bliss than the ones we do with elaborate preparations.
Tamarind Dates Dip or Red( Lal) Chutney or shall I say just Imli ka Chutney.. is one among them.
Because I make it at home love the addition of Dates and make it more healthy.
My normal method would include boiling the tamarind , dates and jaggery in water for atleast 15 minutes and pulsating them in blender on cooling. But this one was just on the go…..  15 Min.. and ready!
I didnt do any specific planning to prepare this.. Felt just yogurt dip would be incomplete without imli ka chutney for this savory snack.

Yogurt Mint Dip

M  y blog has become more like a personal diary where I pen down a quick summing up of my activities from the week .. jot my pep talks , share my feelings , talk about my ups and downs… along with recipes offcourse…
With both my boys trying to cope with the flu season , older one has just recovered and got back to work. Lil V is still at his peak with cold and his immune system really need to show up n support.
IPhone 4 .. one of my best surprises I got from H for Birthday.. though really belated.. Its worth the wait. H kept telling me.. your patience for ur present will pay off.. So keep guessing.. I Phone 4 has made my life lot more easier.. I dont sit long hours on my laptop.. …Thank U H… U rock 🙂

Baking | Hershey’s Brownies in the Snowdonian

What an amazing experience.. Snowdonian Mountains , lake and just us !! It all happened over the weekend.. and we did have bites of Hershey’s brownies.. waiting for the steam rail..
The steam rails are a century old… .It was an 8Km steep ride.. Trekking one way would take minimum of 5 hours…
With lil ones around we took the steam rail return too… I m sure the pics would do the talking…

Bubbles and Squeaks

L  ove authentic british food.. for its blandness yet the best flavours are out…
Have been wanting to try my hands on mash potatoes ..until I came across this simple yet lovely recipe.
Its a improvised and seasoned version of mashed potatoes.. .I thoroughly enjoyed making it… Making mash potatoes requires no special art.. but thorough practice..
Above all , we paired it with Vetha koyumbu ( A south indian delicacy) for dinner.. and matched well…