Celebrations with Tiramisu Cake


A  Very Happy New Year to all !!! May all the wishes cum true .Lets travel an extra mile to fulfill our resolutions… Lets try hard to live upto our resolutions this year and feel satisfied!! 2010 has been quite an eventful year with 2 recognitions for Sandhya’s Kitchen.. Have baked like never before in 2010.. 2 proper cakes with frostings in 1 week… between Christmas and New year Voila !!! One of them is this Tiramisu Cake .. the other one was an Eggless Chocolate Cake with Tofu .Sooper delicious.. Sorry but no clicks sadly!
Final hour of 2010 and the first hour of this year was being spent baking a lovely eggless cake.. Does tat mean I will be baking all through the year ..even more than last year ?? Lets see and will surely discuss .. about this!!!

Chocolate Fudge

B ingo !!! from the very first attempt.. Quite technical in its method of preparation.. Definitely need to roll up your sleeves , gear up and use all ur muscle power … then you are bound to get it right..

Followed it algorithmically the first time.. Confidence I  would say a bit of over confidence crept in me the second time and had to do double work… The saying was quite apt.. Over Confidence leads to miseries & disasters… Realised my bit of over  extra confidence at an earlier stage… Let it loose then and thr.. Done n Dusted  and had to redo from half way …. Verdict —- Pictures are up here !!!

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

T hese come straight from my diwali get together … I had baked them as a surprise dessert for our party… But looks like most people had anticipated a dessert from my end 🙂

Just as the name.. An ultimate chocolate cake with just chocolate n chocolate.. For chocoholics.. this is bingo!! Kids came up for 2nd servings and most of them relished it to the max.
My best critic Mr SK felt there wasnt sufficient frosting between the layers and hence cudnt rate it the best cake to his standards. Probaby I had to spread more bits between the layer and should have allowed to cool down before sandwitching. Whereever there were extra frosting bits , Mr SK loved it.. and said we could have more of them..

Spiced up Buttermilk | Chaas & A recognition

F eels totally delighted to share , Sandhya’s Kitchen has been featured one among the Top Indian Cusine Blog’s for 2010..by Cooking Schools. It did take a while to find my feet stable… A recognition is worth cherishing.. Moreover when we work on something without any expectation ,giving full 100%… any appreciation brings a smile.
Why not treat yourself to this delightful masala chaas.. after a full course meal? This is surely going to be appetising and tummy pacifier…

Butter Cookies

Uhhh.. Winter has set in…Gloves , Mufflers/ Scarves and Hats on… Shovels , Salt and flu jabs !!
Knock Knock… Christmas fever is also begining .. I m glad … that with all the early darkness , a ray of hope comes in the form of christmas decorations everywhere… Red and silver and glitters 🙂  Inbox flooded with discounts and free deliveries to shop for christmas… Am soo damn tempted.. and turning off my list.. .waiting for the boxing day !!

These cookies are just right , when you are planning to prepare goodies.. for Christmas… And why not? This special recipe travels a long way from South Africa.. An Ouma’s Recipe from thr… Got to be authentic  🙂 Thanks Lavanya for sharing it with me !!