Baking | Hershey’s Brownies in the Snowdonian

What an amazing experience.. Snowdonian Mountains , lake and just us !! It all happened over the weekend.. and we did have bites of Hershey’s brownies.. waiting for the steam rail..
The steam rails are a century old… .It was an 8Km steep ride.. Trekking one way would take minimum of 5 hours…
With lil ones around we took the steam rail return too… I m sure the pics would do the talking…

Bubbles and Squeaks

L  ove authentic british food.. for its blandness yet the best flavours are out…
Have been wanting to try my hands on mash potatoes ..until I came across this simple yet lovely recipe.
Its a improvised and seasoned version of mashed potatoes.. .I thoroughly enjoyed making it… Making mash potatoes requires no special art.. but thorough practice..
Above all , we paired it with Vetha koyumbu ( A south indian delicacy) for dinner.. and matched well…

Hummus with a hint of Jalapeños


I ts high time I get to serious blogging now… Tat doesnt mean I have not been cooking.. Its just  that I have not been able to muster time in drafting the post.
Climate has been quite dull… forecast is predicted to be cloudy and gray…thoughout this week… And to worsen the bit.. with thunder and showers in the weekend…  Hate it all the more..
Anyways.. bringing u today a very basic hummus receipe I tried.. made them in few minutes.. My first attempt at home… Tasted for the first time at my son’s plagroup a few month’s ago. Had loved it…Toddlers and Infants are served hummus during snacking time… Since then a packed of seasame seeds have been lying around..

Round Up – BSI Kidney Beans

 This 38th week of the year had been full of highs and lows… Mixed feelings and full of activities…
Really looking forward to have a new begining in this 39th week  and get back to my regular blogging routine .

An absolute pleasure hosting this event 🙂
All the lovely ladies… Thank you for sending such beautiful entries.. I m loving the variety of  Rajma Chawal( Kidney Bean Rice) and Rajma (Kidney Bean )Curry  & Bean pattice options ,I have received here…
To differ from them , 2 special entries worth a mention are Nivedita’s Kidney Bean Roti & Debbie’s Buritos.

And the winners are Nivedita and Debbie….Congratulations gals. Need to work on ur virtual awards and will try sending it sooo..

 The next edition of BSI will run at Slim Shoppin by Jenn. Do wait for her secret ingredient at her space !!

MY entry for this lovely event is my Bean Burger.

Indu Srinivasan ( known as Kitchen Queen) to the blogosphere sends her Rajma Chawal .

Deepthi ( one of my first few blogger friends) brings her Rajma Pattice.

Santhosh Bangar is here with Rajma & pulav.

Another variety of Rajma curry from Azee’s Blog

Here comes another delicious Punjabi  Rajma  from PJ

Megha from Live to Eat space shares her Rajma Curry Recipe

Nivedita comes with here Innovative Rajma Roti

Supriya of Queen of my Kitchen is sharing a Starter Soup , the Kidney Bean Soup

Debbie Does Dinner shares with us Chitpotle Bean Buritos

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Repost for events – Show me your Curry

Divya.. here You go.. Sending u 5 curries to your event SHOW ME YOUR Curry event.
Only becoz I started posting them to the events , I realised my transitional growth in  pictures and posts over a period of time… Had a hearty laugh , how I would appreciate those ugly pics.. and now I just cant stand them.. 

Rawalpindi Chole

Aloo Methi ki Sabji

Paneer Mutter Butter Masala(PMBM)

Baked Malai Kofta Curry

Baked Stuffed Capsicum(Green Peppers)