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Fluffy American Pancakes #pancakeday

Fluffy American Pancakes

Make this super soft, American Fluffy Pancakes for your family and bet you will get more kisses for this.

It’s National Pancake Day on the 9th of Feb this year and every super store you visit, the hoardings are calling you aloud.You can’t miss the huge shoutouts by hit or miss. The kiddos walk past the aisles and remind me “it’s pancake day soon – when are are we making Pancakes? Have we got a Pan, have we got flour, honey, maple syrup? “My My.. Q’s didn’t end there. So this year it happened to be a Pancake week at home, a week ahead.

Paneer Bhurji

Paneer Bhurji

 I do not have a new story or a new experience to share this minute when I am drafting this post of Paneer Bhurji. All that I know is , it is simple and can be done in less than 20 minutes. Perfect to serve for Brunch over the weekend!

Aloo Paratha | Potato Flatbread

Aah !! Alas… I have been trying to sit down to do this post for a very long time.. Every time I have a little sit with my laptop, there is soo much happening around me. Either my lil bumblebee wakes up from her power nap and calls for her feed or my elder one buzzes with his issue in his cup of chocolate milk. V cannot stand the sight of chocolate granules in his cup of milk… Are your kiddo’s like that? Fuzz makers .. :)) But they are a pleasure….I have been fussy with my food habits . Ask my mom and she will tell you tales. Why then ? I am still quite particular about many things that goes in the making and in my mouth. Though I blog about food, I only post things that my friends, family or self would love to nose around it.

Onion Uttappam – Onion Lentil Pancake | South indian Breakfast

When I was walking down to school, I was thinking what could be my first post after a break… Rackling my  head hard, my lil miss sunshine smiled at me ..And I knew it got to be one of her favourites.. Onion Uthappam. Miss S doesnt like plain dosa’s with sugar…as opposed to her elder brother !! And this is my favourite too .. A teeny bit of heat to this classic southindian dish !
A clear difference between a dosa to an uthappam is that the latter is thicker and the first is prefered thin and crisp .Again its entirely a personal choice.
Uthappams can have toppings of your choice.. Onion Uthappam , Tomato Onion Uthappam , kids friendly can be cheese uthappam , mixed veg uthappam . They are served with Coconut Chutney , Tomato Chutney & Sambar . But I just like it with Ketchup 🙂 and Coconut Chutney.

Creamy Oats Porridge for Babies

Creamy Oats Porridge
Oats are among the safest to introduce to your baby as a first food.It’s a good idea to get your children to enjoy oats from an early age, as they play a very important role in good health throughout adulthood too.
One among the easy &quicky recipe’s is Creamy Oats Porridge.