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Samosa Chole Chaat

Samosa Chole Chat

Talk about Street Food and we all start drooling!! No matter what time of the day it is,  I can reach out for that bowl of awesomeness – Samosa Chole Chaat . Yay or Nay Guys?

Ram Ladoo

Ram Ladoo

Here comes a Street Food from Delhi – Ram Ladoo.  Crunchy Moong Dal Fritters topped up with chutneys, radishes, coriander leaves and a good drizzle of lemon juice.

Food Photography – June & July 2015 #foodphotography

The month of June & July has been an overdose of fun, chitchatting, travelling and celebration time with family visiting us. I had so many of my learnings/ pictures to share that I skipped this post last month.
I promise you a double dose from both the month’s – May and June.This series has been soo popular and well received, I barely wanted to skip the post , even if I am late.
Street Food can never go overboard at-least for me !! Pictures of Pav bhaji in my blog are already good enough for Food Gawker or other food porn sites.  Still I never get overboard , restyling and re shooting them 🙂 Here’s my take on them !!