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The C3 – Coconut Curry leaves Chutney – Accompaniment for Dosa’s /Idli’s

Chutney’s are such a fab accompaniment. It jazz’s up the food in minutes.. A total highlight along with papad’s or popadam’s served as starters.. or along with a curry .. Its a misconception that a chutney is a spicy side accompaniment. Instead I call chutney as a companion to any bland dish because its flavour packed in that tiny little bowl served.

Any South Indian home must be having Dosa’s – the lentil pancake and Idly’s – the lentil doughnuts for breakfast .They are served with an ala carte of chutneys if you have guests .. lol . I mean it.. When you are by yourself at home, we mostly serve with one chutney two chutney’s at the max and along with dosa milagaipodi as its always readily available in the pantry.  If not chutney’s , a seasoned potato masala is made and its wholesome !!

Tomato Onion Chutney

This chutney post is quite dear to me .. In the first place ,this is for my own reference. Secondly.. I have managed to get the fitting taste I have been looking for… Voilà!!  South Indian Chutney’s are not in my comfort zone cooking at all…  I need to practically search any bits and bobs that I have pen down from home… One among those kind is this chutney. My dear sis – in – law is quite an expert at this.. and I tweeted her recipe and  prepared to suit my palate…  They are a great side for Dosa’s ( Lentil Pancake) & Idly’s( Lentil Doughnuts)

Apple Tomato Chutney

Can I say my wish came true gazing at an apple tree…
My neighbour across the fence grows the best British cooking apples  – Bramley apples.. Shear Green apples ..We have seen them grown and been plucked too.. Wished we could hit a stone and grab one…
Looks like we had a lucky charm that day …

Our neighbours… buzzed saying.. “ Excuse Me .. We are plucking the apple from the tree and will be selling over the weekend at the church “.

One eyebrow raised ,I said in a lowtone ..“ Oh ok… “

Neighbours – “ Am not asking you to buy them….

Would you mind having some of them ?? “

Go Green with the Green Chutney!!

  DPP_0003 Go Green this summer…  around the bushy park or long walks by the riverside.. .. Love the bright evenings…Just wish this remains EVER, even in the coldest december …Knowing this can never come true in the wildest of my dreams !!!!  But I still wish !!!   Peak 25 C today  ..Woooof !!! Coated in sunscreen with 30 SPF and dressed in with as lil clothes as possible !! Mugs of beer gobbling down the gun throats one after the other , watching league foodball  and FB ‘ing  – Tats typical British Summer … Show it off Man!! When the green herbs come for a bargain at the local Indian store , making the Green Chutney is the easiest and the handy thing  . Spread them on to a toasted bread with slices of cucumber & tomato or use them up as a dip, its entirely personal choice… They pair very well with my Singara’s  too.

Can I call it Tamarind dates Dip or Imli ka Chutney ?

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T  here are many times we prepare quick and with minimum ingredients.. and they taste divine and bliss than the ones we do with elaborate preparations.
Tamarind Dates Dip or Red( Lal) Chutney or shall I say just Imli ka Chutney.. is one among them.
Because I make it at home love the addition of Dates and make it more healthy.
My normal method would include boiling the tamarind , dates and jaggery in water for atleast 15 minutes and pulsating them in blender on cooling. But this one was just on the go…..  15 Min.. and ready!
I didnt do any specific planning to prepare this.. Felt just yogurt dip would be incomplete without imli ka chutney for this savory snack.