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Gin & Tonic in Pimm’s Style

Gin & Tonic

When the weather gets bright and sunny, make Gin & Tonic in Pimms Style, the British way!

We, people in Britain generally associate everything with Weather be it Food, Clothing, Outing, Chilling anything. Sometime last week, it almost felt like early spring and the weather demanded a Chilled quintessential drink where a bunch of us could just chill out under a Canopy, yapping for hours.

Beware its Picture Heavy Post !! Don’t blame me… I couldn’t stop snapping my camera.

Blackcurrant Apple Mocktail

Blackcurrant apple mocktail

Blackcurrant Apple Mocktail drink can be shaken up in 10 minutes with Blackcurrant Juice, Limeade concentrate and sparkling apple juice

Never realised that I am enjoying splashing and mix matching the fruit juices and lemonade into a funtasting concoction. When my first assignment to post mocktail recipes came through, I literally went shopping for drinks and the best combo that can fit in… Probably in years for the first time I was hanging around the juices section for a longer duration than normal, that my missy told me – “Lets go ma ” ..We have ticked our list.

Pomegranate Mojito #mocktail #appletiser

Easy Zingy Fruity Mocktail recipe in under 15 Minutes.

Pomegranate Mojito

For some reason, I still feel we are in mid September. The weather has been fabulous last week, infact it felt so much like Indian summer . All that the weather demanded was some cool breezy clothing and a glass of cocktail / mocktail and laze in the garden. Play with the kiddos , paint some prop boards and just enjoy the last lag of bonus weather.  But nothing of that sort happened !!