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Eggless Butterless Chocolate Indulgence Layer Cake

Eggless Butterless Chocolate Indulgence Layer Cake

Yes…. You heard it right.. An eggless butterless Chocolate Indulgence cake.. and guess wot ?? It didn’t taste any different and the texture and the softness stayed right throughout 🙂 This was one of my happy baking…time and I will truly cherish…. Using an egg is not an issue at all. The thought that if I bake a cake at any point of time in India, the elderly crowd wud just stay away coz its got an egg… So didn’t want to drive them away from such delectable desserts .

Eggless WholeWheat Apple Cinnamon Muffin

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This is my first happy baking muffin ..Normally there is a little guilt while doing the muffin .. Its for the ingredients.. of butter ,eggs n soo on.. I have been really excited this time about the end results and the making. Now that we know wot goes in the making of our regular yummy muffins . Any healthy change gives us total satisfaction.. I have been wanting to do an eggless version of muffins.. so that I cud treat my parents n inlaws with them next time.. when I travel to India… Then I thought.. why not do a Whole wheat version…. A little more healthy.. lets give it some flavour.. Hmmm… How about Apple n Cinnamon… Gave this muffin a total twist with a flavour… I just loved it…
Do try it and enjoy my healthy Muffin.. and let me know ur view on it 🙂