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Refried Beans, Peppers and Cheese Toastie

refriedbeans toastie (4 of 11)  The ordinary toasted sandwich gets a makeover with the delectable Mexican combo of Refried Beans,Peppers and Cheese in about 30 Minutes.

Toasties have been a treaty snack at home , ever since I have known. When the weather gets a bit gloomy, a bit chilli or may b rainy, Amma ( as I fondly call my mum) would make us Potato Masala Toastie or  Paneer Toastie or Sugar Toastie and what not for a wholesome evening appetiser.

Product Review | ‘MB Original’ Bento Box from Monbento- Lunch Just got special #lunchbox

Monbento Original

Growing up in Mumbai, our schooling lasted for just 5 hours a day in contrast to a lot of other cities around India. We would make it on time for Lunch at home or leave for school after Lunch, depending on your schooling hours. My early years used to be timed between 1pm to 6 pm and my secondary schooling would be in early hours between 7.30 am to 12.30 pm. This routine demanded us to carry a small snack in our tiffin dabbas. Dabba is an Indian term to refer Lunch Boxes.

Food Photography – June & July 2015 #foodphotography

The month of June & July has been an overdose of fun, chitchatting, travelling and celebration time with family visiting us. I had so many of my learnings/ pictures to share that I skipped this post last month.
I promise you a double dose from both the month’s – May and June.This series has been soo popular and well received, I barely wanted to skip the post , even if I am late.
Street Food can never go overboard at-least for me !! Pictures of Pav bhaji in my blog are already good enough for Food Gawker or other food porn sites.  Still I never get overboard , restyling and re shooting them 🙂 Here’s my take on them !!

Honey Vanilla Cake

Honey and Vanilla Cake

Ever since I have completed 30 Day’s to better food photography course, I have learn’t to stare, gaze and study the images online. Trying to understand why that wonderful image has been staged like that ?Is the feel rustic or fresh or white or colourful ? Why the Napkin has been twirled and twisted and not just neat ? Is the photographer trying to convey a casual feeling or a fine dining or just for fun or what else?