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Guest Post from Lubna of Yummy Food | Blueberry Jam Microwave Muffins

The guest post session in my blog comes ad hoc but of the writers, chief thinkers and executers whose blog I love to read / admire, virtually drool and more. Today’s post is a special post from yet another long time virtual blog buddy Lubna from Yummy Food. Hop over to her space and drool over the wonderful dishes and treats, specially the microwave treats that Lubna makes in a jiffy. Her blog run’s a Ramadan Special Fast to Feasting event every year, introducing new guest writers with their yummily delightful treat. 

Mini Profiteroles | Petit Fours – A guest post from A pinch of Love


 We are friends from the early days of blogging.. Infant friends..Isnt it nice to hear and know? Reminisce the  days I would push a pencil to her on FB,learning and exchanging our thoughts on compose pictures and how do we go about it. Those were the days….
I admire the way her treatise unfolds a new story!! You will so do agree with me ,when you pop in her Arena. She definitely has an affair 🙂 Yes,I am talking about Ananda from A pinch of Love. Just like the name,her space is filled with love and its warmth is spread across her composition,pictures and more.
When I wrote up to Ananda about doing a guest post, it was an instant Yes! and I knew it has to be a dessert.Its Ananda’s love n forte. Over to this lovely girl, who has been absolutely benevolent in doing the post for me, amidst her really crazy work schedule. Thanks Pen Pal.

Guest Post | Pizza Buns By Raks Kitchen

Feels quite elated , when my tot SK has had One Lakh Hits…. Little did I realise when I started this blog to catalogue my collected recipes.. I will have this day . On the joyous occasion of Diwali, the festival of lights , it was raining outside and just Halloween decorations everywhere..when I spent all day sitting on the couch literally doing nothing ,where I hoped to see some glitters , lights ,sparkles and cheer…
By the dusk, Mr SK was kind enough to get me out of the gloom by returning home early and arranging for a dinner with friends at a South Indian Restaurant… Aahh.. Wot relief!!! A little chit chat.. and trying to comfort each other ..On our return home , we presented Lil V his Diwali present in order to make up for the missing cheer that day.. I log in a few minutes to 12 in the blogger and discovered my blog having 100000 Hits..

Guest Post on Yummy Food– Photography Post on Background & Props

Hello December !!! You are officially here !!! How quick this year has fleet that we are at the fag end of the year .. Another 25 days to Christmas , countdown begins. Christmassy fever has hit the streets since Halloween … High street is already flooded with the shoppers working on their A grade wish list of presents ..Time to bring up the Christmas tree , decorations , time to work on the party list and get together… My lil one is already practicing to sing at the performance from his nursery .. Also has come up with a list of 50 friends for Christmas cards…  I need to plan to make a goody bag for his scintillating key workers who have a major part in his learning every day.. With thanksgiving ending in US , frenzy sale slowly starts to begin in UK and it continues all until mid Jan.. How can anyone resist ???  Well I m … trying not to indulge in any deals  at least until Boxing Day and saving from being in traps of ever tempting offers on apparels and footwear !!!! Before I get any further ,I will  leave you to explore the deals in UK… Lubna from Yummy Food  invited me over for a guest post and I rapidly accepted it ,but with a delay for few months..