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Pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita Make this super delicious Pizza Margherita at home with a copycat Dominos recipe for Pizza Dough.

Sometime around when I was 16 – 17 years old, was when I probably had my first Pizza ever in my life. It used to an exotic and a premium food to look out for. When my parents relocated to Chennai – a place in the South of India, just after my 10th Std was when my exploration began. The peer group makes a lot of transformation in a person that one totally learns to adapt the new ways – Good and Bad.

Home made Pizza Sauce from Scratch

Home made Pizza Sauce from Scratch

Why should you hide your curves when you can flaunt it ??

Likewise cookware range have also gone way too modernised,colourful and stylish, that I do not see a reason why we lock away the cooking pots and pans in the cupboard. Gone are the day when we find only monotones colors in the cookware.The red and earthen tones in saucepans, woks & ceramics remind me of autumn.

Home made Tomato Pasta Sauce

We love Italian food !! It has very much become a staple diet. Pasta is something that we have atleast once a week, if not twice !! The days that have a buzy 7.30 am to 6 pm , I am sure to stir up the sauce into pasta that day. But we definitely do not stick to our monotonous flavours.. Its not just Creamy Tomato Sauce or White sauce always.. We do have a Chinese version , thats my favourite 😉 . Coriander Pesto Sauce  – thats Hari’s favourite !! And more…

Bread Pinwheel with Jam / Nutella in 10 min

DPP_0006 Sometimes ,somethings taste heaven if served fancily… Just like this pinwheel today.  The jam / nutella sandwitch that we prepare for the lil ones can be made attractive with these bite sized pinwheels . They can just gobble a few running around the house .. Why lil ones?? I found them quite attractive.. They make a lovely party starter at your lil one’s party.. Did I say 10 min to make the pinwheel ? Yes.. Infact its 3 minutes to spread & roll , 5 minutes to rest in the wrapped state and 2 min to cut the pinwheels. Get help from your lil ones to give them the pride of making their own snack..