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Homemade Pizza Dough

I  love Pizza’s !!!! And who wouldn’t love Domino’s??? They always come up with new promotions ..Way back in India they had this 30 min delivery challenge.. Invariably they wud land up late at my door and deliver it free 🙂 Isnt it lucrative… I used to be a bit worried if the driver/ delivery boy would have to pay a penalty for this.. But I did speak to the store manager who hands it over.. and they were quite clear that the delivery boy’s have got nothing to do with it… This used to give me peace of mind .. and enjoy my Pizza Guilt freee….

Veggie Pasta Delight

L  ight , Healthy and still yumm ..Quite a one pot meal! Tats all tat I can call this recipe.. Its full of my fav flavour.. with just the right ingredients..

My friends mum used to make this for his lunch box.. at college.. More than 6 yrs up .. and one fine day I managed to get in touch with this friend of mine.. who used to call this a  Macroni pasta.. We used to wait all those 4 years whenever he would get this for lunch and we wud attack it right then. My first introduction to Pasta…when was urs??? I have given this borrowed recipe a twist with the available ingredients..

Pasta Salad & Awards


Browsing… through every blog and catching up with old pending posts does show that Most of them had a blast on the valentines .Award showering is another beautiful way of recognising each other . Never realised that I have made 101 lovely friends , who make sure to visit my blog and write such beautiful comments !

Eggless WholeWheat Apple Cinnamon Muffin

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This is my first happy baking muffin ..Normally there is a little guilt while doing the muffin .. Its for the ingredients.. of butter ,eggs n soo on.. I have been really excited this time about the end results and the making. Now that we know wot goes in the making of our regular yummy muffins . Any healthy change gives us total satisfaction.. I have been wanting to do an eggless version of muffins.. so that I cud treat my parents n inlaws with them next time.. when I travel to India… Then I thought.. why not do a Whole wheat version…. A little more healthy.. lets give it some flavour.. Hmmm… How about Apple n Cinnamon… Gave this muffin a total twist with a flavour… I just loved it…
Do try it and enjoy my healthy Muffin.. and let me know ur view on it 🙂

Pizz-eat / Pizza Puff

I have been feeling hungry in the evening having the right hunger , only a snacky bite. Thats when Pizz-eat was born in my kitchen.It takes under 30 min for the total process  -10 minute oven preheating time & 15 min baking time 🙂