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Cranberry Mojito – Holiday Mocktail

Cranberry Mojito - Holiday Mocktail

Cranberry Mojito is absolutely refreshing and colorful, perfect as a Holiday Mocktail.  Mood and festivity jazz up with this color burst mocktail.

For the first time probably in some time, I had a gadgetless break, leaving behind my phone and emails for 5 full days!!! No blogging, no facebook, no WhatsApp, no emails, no phone calls.  Yes, it was intentional and I did not connect to wifi anywhere!! We visited Amsterdam for Christmas holidays, spending time with very close friends doing the bestest things in leisure, a bit of sightseeing and some shopping that includes props too.. Evenings were well spent cooking quick one pot meals and then chitchatting over the dining table for hours, talking bout yesteryears and the good fun we have had over years. Kiddos were kept occupied handing over a gadget each, leaving some peaceful time for ourselves…

Blackcurrant Apple Mocktail

Blackcurrant apple mocktail

Blackcurrant Apple Mocktail drink can be shaken up in 10 minutes with Blackcurrant Juice, Limeade concentrate and sparkling apple juice

Never realised that I am enjoying splashing and mix matching the fruit juices and lemonade into a funtasting concoction. When my first assignment to post mocktail recipes came through, I literally went shopping for drinks and the best combo that can fit in… Probably in years for the first time I was hanging around the juices section for a longer duration than normal, that my missy told me – “Lets go ma ” ..We have ticked our list.

Fruit Ice Cubes – Kids friendly task


Fruit Ice cubes

Very rarely I would draft a post the day I click pictures.. With a never ending list of pending tasks in my daily schedule, I would take 3 days to complete a post usually.
Since this post didn’t not demand an elaborate affair, I decided to jump the queue of posts and get this up straight away. No banters , straight to the point.