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Chocolate Chip Muffin | Yet another one..

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Children … they string our joys, like jewels bright, upon the thread of years —Edward A. Guest

My world revolves around my little family,socialise with my children and work on their joys , worries, woes, agony and needs in all shapes and sizes.

I take it in stride, one day at a time. Every day is another day well planned and spent. Lots of jam packed action in our regular routine with loads of requests and orders from my lil ones..
One such unfulfilled promise to Lil V is a Muffin. Just letting you know how it feels to a tot of 4 years old. He has been whinning about it every term holiday ,every vacation – why don’t you make them like before Amma??
After having Miss S in my tummy.. I have failed in relationship, fulfilling little promises to V , just that I did not have any energy or zeal to do it. I just couldnt do it..
V’s heart would break every time and he would run away. V would wear a long face,the tears will roll down his face and would drift away.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

 _MG_9894-editNearly an age old epic misconception , stating the cupcake and the muffin are the same… I was under the same delusion … until I went on to understand , if they are same then why two different names?
Reading further, wiki-ing ,finally concluded the debate to my own-self stating
Cupcakes are mini versions of cakes. Frosted and Adorned.  They are unremittingly sweet and are served during special occasions.
Muffins are a smaller portions of bread ( essentially quick bread) . They can be sweet or of the savoury type ,by and large eaten for breakfast or as an accompaniment for tea time.
If you threw a cupcake against the wall, you would hear something of a “poof!” If you threw a muffin, you would hear a “thud!”  A commenter writes on the English Forum
Time for my judgement ??? Off course the cupcake.. They are beautified with the lovely icing and that’s the icing on the cake.

Perfect Chocolate Cup Cake

W ot better can we have after a perfect long awaited long weekend !!!! Two consecutive weekends …Made the most of it… enjoying the perfect British Sunshine Sun, swishing bits thro the tele catching glimpses of the Royal Wedding , BBQ , Riverside Walk , settling for hours by the beachIsland with a palm tree , Picture time all the while to capture the right moments and have them in memories..
This lovely cuppy cake was a sure treat for H  for two thing… Firstly for being very thoughtful to pick a baking book for me.. Secondly he picked the book I had in mind and never disclosed it to him… Tat was truly telepathy.. The book was a Hummingbird Bakery cook book . I had read about their Red Velvet cake and had bookmarked it for working on it a bit later … H brings this book for me 3 days after… and I was just dumbstruckSurprised smile….. A smile was struck all the while and beaming even thro the darkness…

Vanilla Cup Cakes

Hello bloggy mates…

Its been more than 1 whole month since I have actively blogged.. Have been thro a sickness stride of 2.5 weeks  suffering from Flu followed by Tonsillits and bonus was conuctivits. Took me  whole of 1 week for recovery and regaining all the lost energy.. Just after tat got buzy with my Boyz Birthday celebration..Finally managed to click pics of this delightful cuppy cakes on my lil one’s bday..

Walnut Cinnamon Muffin

M  uffins are something that I just bake anytime. There is no time or day or muhurat that I need to plan to make.. This muffin was a result of staying awake with my lil one late nite.. Lil V slept late evening.. and before I wud hit the bed ,he wakes up at 11.30pm … Oh oh…. I wud have been a bit upset generally if tat happens… But this new year , just decided for myself to get a little more patient.
Spent the next 2 hours cleaning , playing and baking this delightful muffin at 1 am .