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Classic Blueberry Muffins

Heyy ….
Really excited to share … that I m on a long holiday for 7 Weeks… Leaving tomm …
Looking forward to shopping and celebrations with family and friends…Hoping to catch up with lovely traditional recipes from my grandmum & mum.
Will b missing the lovely spring out here and my lil bloggy.. She is 11 months old.. now..
I m creating autoposts to keep my space going !!Please keep coming and leave ur lovely comments that make my day every day!!
I m actually feeling a bit sad.. that I will not b able to catch up with all the delicious recipes.. for sometime…
Will c u sooon !! Until then enjoy my classic blueberry muffins.. as a treat for this lovely spring.

Eggless WholeWheat Apple Cinnamon Muffin

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This is my first happy baking muffin ..Normally there is a little guilt while doing the muffin .. Its for the ingredients.. of butter ,eggs n soo on.. I have been really excited this time about the end results and the making. Now that we know wot goes in the making of our regular yummy muffins . Any healthy change gives us total satisfaction.. I have been wanting to do an eggless version of muffins.. so that I cud treat my parents n inlaws with them next time.. when I travel to India… Then I thought.. why not do a Whole wheat version…. A little more healthy.. lets give it some flavour.. Hmmm… How about Apple n Cinnamon… Gave this muffin a total twist with a flavour… I just loved it…
Do try it and enjoy my healthy Muffin.. and let me know ur view on it 🙂

Chocolate Chip Muffin

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend ..It was good for me too with lot of activities revolving around the Kitchen. My H bought me a whole new set Pots n Pans to encourage and appreciate me in my Cooking n Blogging. It didnt stop here. He bought me another lovely handblender from Philips with a full bunch of accessories and I m just loving it.. It does all my whisking n blending in a Jiffy….
Thank you H :)for all of it.