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Bread Pinwheel with Jam / Nutella in 10 min

DPP_0006 Sometimes ,somethings taste heaven if served fancily… Just like this pinwheel today.  The jam / nutella sandwitch that we prepare for the lil ones can be made attractive with these bite sized pinwheels . They can just gobble a few running around the house .. Why lil ones?? I found them quite attractive.. They make a lovely party starter at your lil one’s party.. Did I say 10 min to make the pinwheel ? Yes.. Infact its 3 minutes to spread & roll , 5 minutes to rest in the wrapped state and 2 min to cut the pinwheels. Get help from your lil ones to give them the pride of making their own snack..

Sabudana Vada | Sago Seeds Dumpling

L  ovely Weekend… With a picnic lunch at Virginia Waters Lake… A good 4.5 miles walk around the lake and enjoying the best of the british summers… on a perfect Sunda.y… Packed a few nans and roti’s from the birthday party on Saturday and made Kadai Aloo to go with it 🙂

Today’s post on Sabudana Wada is a creation out of no special occasion or treat. I m just on a spree in finishing the stocks in my pantry.. Thats when I came across this left over Sabudana . I love the way my momma makes Sabudana Khichadi… I havent reached her perfection point.. My hubby found my version not up to the mark.. though I tried a similar way… But not with the wada’s . Bingo!! Came out perfect and ideal as a starter or as tea snack . This Sago Seeds Dumpling hails from Maharashtra and is particularly made during fasting.

Chickpeas Sundal

Couple of weeks back ,we had a potluck tea party home . Each of us had cooked a snack ideal for the evening..But tea party went on and the snacks made up for the heavy dinner.  Menu was Spicy Maggie , Paneer Tikka , Spicy sundal  & Fruit Kheer . Offocurse we had it with tea.. Coz it was Tea Party!!
My dear friend Anu had made this Sundal soo beautifully with such simple ingredients that I couldnt stop myself from asking her to write for me…. Luckily I did manage to get some nice clicks…

Vegetable Puff

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Hi All ,
Hope everyone had a lovely New Year celebration and holidays …  Its soo good to be back with posts and hope to catch up with all the pending posts from my fellow bloggers atleast by Feb 1st week. With little one around , unpacking and catching up with  my routine is taking a bit of time.
This post has been lying in my inbox for the last one month before I left for my holidays . I thoroughly enjoyed eating puff @ Bangalore after all the nostlalgic memories… 🙂

Herby Potato Rösti

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I had promised H a new snack if he comes home early on this lazy snowy day.. And he suddenly pinged a while later.. saying be ready with ur Surprise snack .. Will b home in 20 minutes…

Wondering wot to do?? Immediately started browsing this lovely easy vegetarian book that I picked from the library.Came across this yummy potato snack.. Rösti.But it had different seasoning like Sage leaves & thyme. Didnt have any of them.. Was planning for an alternative seasoning.. just then my neighbour Granny came over and handed over a Shortbread cookies for Chritsmas.. They were lovely
.. I was asking her to suggest me a sesoning .. and she said.. I could use Coriander and Parsley in Rösti and they will make a lovely Scandivian dish.
H thoroughly enjoyed & relished the taste .My 22 months old moster loved it for it was just melting in his mouth … Thats the verdict..
Sending it across to WYF: Tea Time Snack event organised by EC of  Simple India Food

Frying creates a lovely crispy crusty layer just apt for Rösti. They are just delicious by itself or could be served with a green salad.


Large Potato: 2 Nos
Chopped Coriander Leaves: 3-4 Tsp
Dried Parsley: 1.5Tsp
Cheddar Cheese: 3-4 Tsp
Olive Oil: 4  Tsp
Salt: To Taste
Freshly Ground Pepper: 1/2 -3/4 tsp


  • Peel the potatoes and grate on the coarse side of the grater to get the texture. Pat dry using a kitchen paper and put it in a bowl. 
  • Finely chop coriander leaves . Add the herbs to the potato mixture and mix them well. Add the cheddar cheese , required salt and pepper and mix well. 
  • Using Hands , shape a heapful tablespoon into a ball.Repeat the process with the rest of the mixture. 
  • Heat Oil in a non stick fry pan , Now add the potato cake to the pan and flatten it with a long handled turner. Fry until golden brown in a low flame. Turn the Rösti over and cook for another 10-15 minutes until golden and cooked thoroughly. 
  • Repeat the process with the rest of the potato cakes. Transfer the rösti to a serving plate and serve with ketchup or with green salad.


  • We can also par boil the potatoes before grating. I havent boiled the potatoes in this procedure.
  • Also we can use butter instead of Olive oil for a lovely butter flavour. Increase the cheese for the cheesy twist.
  • I have added Salt & pepper while preparing the potato cakes. But some people prefer to add them just over the top before serving.


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