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Aloo Tiki

As soon as Navrathri begun , we were on a No Onion  No Garlic Diet . But wanted to eat something chatpata… So had made Aloo Tiki along with Jain Chole for the Aloo Tiki Chat
Will post the Aloo Tiki chat Recipe some other time along with the wonderful chutney’s.

Spicy Cuppy Cake

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It was a rainy day yesterday & we wanted to eat something spicy & yummy .But not bhajji’s.. Inspired by the Just Roll Pastery Website , I decided to make this Indianised flovoured cuppy cake.Just ideal for the rainy day.

Healthy Salad

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5 A day concept being quite talked about by every one starting from school kids to tele shows. Just thought , why know make a Salad to earn one of the 5 a day sticker .


  1. Lettuce :Take a handful .Wash it well and chop is finely
  2. Cucumber: 6″ length. Slice it finely into 1″ each
  3. Carrots: 6″length.Slice it into thin carrot sticks
  4. Salad onions : 2 stock : Slice it into thin pieces
  5. Cherry Tomato: 5-6 Nos. Dice them into 4 pieces each
  6. Sliced Black olives : 10-15 nos
  7. Green Pepper : a small piece . Slice it into thin length wise pieces
  8. Olive Oil : 2-4 tsp
  9. Salt: to taste
  10. Pepper : 3/4tsp
  11. Dried basil : 1/2 tsp

How to make our delight?

  1. In a clean washed bowl , add all the vegetables.
  2. Drizzle a little bit of extra olive oil onto them. Add salt to taste .Also add freshly ground pepper from the mill.
  3. Sprinkle about half a tsp of dried basil. Using 2 spatulas , toss the vegetables with other ingredients a few times .
  4. Healthy starter salad is ready to be served.

Servings : 2 people

Aloo Bonda -Potato Rolls

Having my upbringing in mumbai, one of my favourite food outside to grab is vada pav. Vada of vada pav is nothing but our Aloo Bonda (Most people in south fondly call). If you would love to make your own Pav click here .I have made them at home and they are not soo difficult as we think…
Its a lovely appetiser to be had on a rainy day. Enjoy it and let me know your view.

Bread Rolls


    1. 3 Big Potatoes: boiled ,peeled and mashed


    1. green chillies: 2-3 nos finely chopped


    1. coriander leaves : finely chopped


    1. salt to taste


    1. Bread 1/2 packet medium thickness


    1. Semolina ( Rava) – 1 cup


  1. Oil for frying


    1. For making Bread Rolls , first we need to make a mixture for filling into the bread.


    1. Now make a mixture by mixing mashed potatoes , finely chopped green chillies , coriander leaves , and salt to taste .( We could also add chopped onions or grated carrot or boiled peas to the above mixture .) Make small balls out of the mixture & keep it aside.


    1. In another cup , make a paste of semolina and water. let it be thick.


    1. Take some water in a bowl and dip a bread slice for few seconds. Squeeze the water from the bread by pressing between palms gently. Now place small potato balls on the damp bread and seal the edges with rava paste. Make sure the filling does not come out from any side.


    1. Repeat the same procedure with the other slices .


    1. In a kadai , put some oil and allow it to get heated in a medium flame.


    1. Deep fry the bread rolls until it turns golden brown.


  1. For serving , cut the roll into 2 and garnish it with sliced onions & tomatoes . Serve it with tomato ketchup or coriander chutney.