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How to make Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee is steeping  ground coffee in cold water and straining with a gentler infusion process, producing a drink of lower acidity.

Coffee and Chocolates are the kick factors and my close companion ever since I have known my own self. Waking up to Amma’s ( fondly as I call my mum) filter coffee had been a must and a necessity until the day I left home to become Independent. My first IT job after I graduated immediately from Univeristy. Period!

Blackcurrant Apple Mocktail

Blackcurrant apple mocktail

Blackcurrant Apple Mocktail drink can be shaken up in 10 minutes with Blackcurrant Juice, Limeade concentrate and sparkling apple juice

Never realised that I am enjoying splashing and mix matching the fruit juices and lemonade into a funtasting concoction. When my first assignment to post mocktail recipes came through, I literally went shopping for drinks and the best combo that can fit in… Probably in years for the first time I was hanging around the juices section for a longer duration than normal, that my missy told me – “Lets go ma ” ..We have ticked our list.