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Chickpeas Burger with Avocado Sauce & Blue Burger Cheese

chickpeas burger with avocado dip (1 of 8)

When the sun is shining bright, a lot of people go BBQ – crazy! It has kind of become a norm to associate bbq to gorgeous weather , when you invite friends and family over . Plan a selection of meat or vegetables to fit in as appetisers , main course or may b even a side dish to bbq on slow indirect heat over the wood /charcoal… A whole lot of drinks and juices to compliment the bbq day.

Spending hours of the day until late evening, its more like a celebration !

Bread Pakora with Coriander Spinach Chutney

I have actually had a little sit with my good old laptop for editing and writing after nearly two months.Phew ! A batalion of drafts was lined up to keep my blog up from December until now. There is soo much to share, soo much write , so much to ramble and more but there was hardly any zeal left with within me to pick my camera and do the pictures. A fantastic and an extremely buzy India trip, much more than I imagined !! A collection of props and fabrics – from here & there and I am all excited to share it with all..